Chapter 15 - Friends

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I feel like crap because I know I hit a raw nerve.

“Don’t worry about it.” Eddie’s voice comes in my ear. “Jason’s touchy about his family. I won’t go into his personal business because it’s his shit. He’ll tell you if he wants you to know. All I will say is that Jason’s dad is a walking waste of good oxygen.”

“Oh. He never said anything.” But I never asked because I didn’t want to talk about my family.

I glance back at Jason, who is now talking to Lee.

Eddie follows my stare. “Jason was raised by his grandpa, Scott. Top bloke. You’ll love him.”

He was raised by his grandpa. What about his mom and dad?

I want to ask Eddie more, but I know he won’t tell me. So, I’ll just have to wait until Jason is ready to tell me—if that ever comes.

But would I ever tell him about my family?

I already know the answer to that one, and it’s a solid no.

Cam puts a plate of burger and fries in front of me, bringing my attention to it. I didn’t even realize he’d gone to get them.

“Is that one Jason’s?” Eddie points to the plate with a burger and overflowing fries next to mine.

“Yeah,” I answer.

“He won’t miss some chips.” Eddie leans over and grabs a handful of fries from Jason’s plate, taking nearly half of them.

I chuckle.

Eddie then quickly eats them, and he’s just finishing them off when Jason comes back and sits on his stool next to me.

“All right?” I carefully ask him.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He smiles and gives my thigh a squeeze.

I immediately feel better.

He looks down at his plate and frowns. “Hey, Cam, are you skimping on the chips to save money, you tight bastard?”

I glance at Eddie, and we both start laughing.

We’ve finished eating. I’m on my third beer, and the bar has filled up with people.

“Okay, Sam, it’s time. You’re up.” Jason nudges me.

“What? Sing now?”


I start to feel sick, and it’s not from the food or beer. “I don’t know, Reed.”

“Come on.” He gets to his feet. Taking me by the hands, he pulls me off my stool.

“Go on, Samaya,” Eddie encourages.

Jason told Eddie and Cam all about the list of things I wanted to do—except for the sex stuff. Thankfully, he didn’t tell them that. And he didn’t go into the details of why I have the list either, which was another thing I was thankful for.

“You’ve got this, Sam.”

I stare up into Jason’s beautiful blue eyes. “No recording this, and no laughing, promise?”

I hold my little finger up to him for a pinkie swear.

He laughs and wraps his little finger around mine. “I promise. Now, go get ’em, tiger.” He smacks me on the ass.

Shaking my head at him, I turn, and on wobbly legs, I walk toward the stage where the band is waiting for me.

The lead singer, Lee, holds out a hand, helping me up onto the stage.

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