Chapter 30

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Robotic Human Love

Chica's POV

"Why? Why don't you hate me? You should hate for all that I have done. I played you all, and yet you.. You believe that there is more to me. You are breaking me Chica. Stop it. Just start hating me. Make it all easier to all of us and hate me. Dispise me, want to kill me like Freddy and Bonnie. I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. I know my dept well be paid and I don't want you caught in it. So hate me Chica so they....please just hate me. Put me out of this misery and hate me." She plead to me, her voice weak. She glares at me as I just stare at her with heartbreak in my eyes.

'Avery.' I go to speak to her, comfort her, have her realize that I only want to help her and maybe...but someone stops me from speaking. A fimiler voice that I knew Avery knows all to well.

"Hello Avery. Surprised to see you here with the enemy that knows far too much." We heard as we both turn to see Mangs and Fredstier approaching us. 'Two of the nightmares!? Why are they here?' I thought. "M-M-Mangs. Fredstier. What are you two doing here? You usally don't come to places like this." Avery said as I stare at her surprised that she actully sounded scared. 'This is the first time I even seen Avery scared of something since the first time we re-connected in the parking lot of the pizziera. She always gave off an air that nothing could scare or rattle her in the slightest,' I thought as Avery moves to stand next to me, holding my hand as the new arrivles stop a few feet from us.

"Normally yes but we thought, get out of the warehouse and visit someplace we never really go to often. We saw what you did. We saw the kiss. Avery? Are you betraying us? Turning your back to us and all that we worked hard on?" Mangs asked with a glare at Avery, who was more nervous then when we started this date. "N-n-no Mangs. I'm not. This is just..." She stopped and closed her eyes and take a deep breath, regaining her composer then stared at Mangs right in her eyes. "Even though it looks it Mangs, I'm not fully betraying the group. I'm continuing with the plan should there be no other way. If there is I'm taking it. But the result we all wish to see shall be the same. I'm still loyal to all of you like you are to me. I just wish for both of you to trust me now that know. Please, you two are my friends." She said to her.

Both Fredsteir and Mangs look to each other, mentally speaking to each other I'm guessing. 'I wonder just how close they are to each other in their group. I know they all have good standings with Avery but it all could be based on lies.' They look over at me and I stood there as they look at me up and down but I notice Fredsteir's gaze land on the flower that Avery gave me back at the pizzeria. "The blue rose meaning unattainable. I can't have you but I can't stop thinking about you. Good choice in flowers Avery." He said as I look up to Avery and saw her blushing bright red. I felt my heart litterly skip a beat at the meaning of the rose.

'Avery. You really are a sweet girl. But that just comfirms that maybe our story is like Romeo and Juliet's. All I wish is that no one dies in the end.' "Thanks Fredstier." She said softly. "Your welcome Avery. Now as for our trust. Well we trust you Avery. You are a smart girl and can make your own choices in life. We may have groomed you to be what we want for your battle but we could not have groomd you from a fight with your own heart. We allow this date and any relationship you two may have but the others, mostly Mari, Fred and Nightmare may not. Be careful Avery, we don't want to lose our friend." He said, causing a wave of relief to wash over me and Avery hugs them. "Thank you, you guys." she said. "Your welcome Avery." Mangs said as they returned the hug.

They stayed that way for a few seconds longer before they had let go of each other. Avery turns to me and I smile at her, glad that two of her friends supported her and even if they didn't say it, we all knew that they will be silent about both me and Avery. She smiles back at me before coming back to my side. "Chica." Mangs started. I looked to her and said, "Yes?" "Look out for our Avery and you be carefull as well." She said. "I well Mangs. I'll be sure to that." I responed, taking her warning to heart considering how many mystories, questions and the threat of my nightmare version Chichi possabliy coming after me should she find out about mine and Avery's date. To our surprise Mangs hugged me , "Welcome to our little family." She said and I returned the hug. "Glad to be welcomed." I said with a smile on my face. I was surprised to say the least but glad that there was someone backing us but I knew to not expect them to help me if I ask them questions about Avery or their plan.

I have to find the answers myself if I want them so bad and that's what I'm going to try to do. No matter how much Avery warns me not to for I know she has been delaying in making a move against us and harms us. Her plan is for us to hate her so her plan with the nightmares can work all the question is why? All four of us stayed there talking with each other and I got to know both Mangs and Fredstier a bit more.

Mangs even apologized for tackling me back at the warehouse we all met at and I accepted.

Avery's POV

I was glad that this worked out for us that both Mangs and Fredsteir will not say word should they run the risk that I well hang from a noose. I know I'm already pulling so much on my puppet strings and it's only a matter of time before it entangles around my neck. All I hope for is a happy ending but that is not going to happen should Chica find out far to much about me.

' the short time of a week you have had me, questioning everything that was taught to me, and have me question where most of loyalties lie, weither or not I should out right tell you are not? You have had me falling for you Chica, I just want you to be safe and I have to try and protect you in the only way I know how.' I thought before long it was time for me and Chica to leave and head back to the pizzeria. "Later Mangs, later Fredsteir. I'll see y'all tomorrow for more training." I said as both Chica and I left to head back to my car, hand and hand.

After a while we arrived back to the pizzeria and Chica was about to get out of the car but I stopped her by taking her hand. She looks at me confused and I look back at with mischif, cockyness, and overall sandness. I was trying to put on my fake face as the wolf. "You do realize that once in the pizzeria we can't act the way we have back at the museum. If the others find out, you well end up hurt and I must keep up my appereince as the bad guy. Chica. I want you out of this game. I don't want you hurt. You are standing in fire that will burn you and I'm busy trying to make sure that doesn't happen but I won't be able to keep up if you keep looking for clues Chica. So please just stop and hate me already. Please." I plead to her but to my surprise she leans over and kisses me.

I stay there before returning the kiss. I was hurting inside and I was hurt more by what she said next after she pulled away. "I know Avery but I don't think I can stop now since I'm already to deep. If I burn then that well be becasue of me, not you." She said as she got out of the car and started walking to the pizzeria's entrence. I stayed there wipping a tear away from my eyes before taking a deep breath to regain myself as the person the Fazbear's knew in the night. I got out my car, locked it, then jogged up to meet Chica at the door and unlocked it.

Comfirming the end of our date and the start of a dangerous game.

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