chapter eight

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The cave mouth was larger then Jade Mountain's. There was jagged rocks sticking out from it, like a SkyWing's teeth. I'm perspective it was...


It yawned furiously at the two, and she saw Whirlmist trembling with a dazed fear, and quite honestly, she felt the same.

The SeaWing-thing uncertainty paddles forward, even though her instincts were telling her to turn tail and flee.

Storm peered into the murky depths. She pulled herself into the cave, motioning for the Prince to follow.

Whirlmist swam next to her, his eyes wide and nervous. He brightened his scales shakily, his talons trembling.

Storm passed him a reassuring glance, then began to swim upward, curling her wings and bursting towards the surface.

An air-gap was located above the cave, a lean one, but just enough to take a breath or two. She pushed herself faster up, feeling like she was drowning.

Whirlmist swam beside her, his eyes anxious. His pupils flitted from side to side, and his wings were curved awkwardly.

Once they surfaced, Whirlmist shook water droplets from his face. His eyes darkened as he glanced behind them as if a rabid shark was coming to pop his fins off.

"It's probably somewhere unpredictable and hard to get." He announced, lofting his head in a curved motion. "Somewhere mystic."

Storm's eyes widened and her jaw slacked. "Really? Like... underwater?" She snorted out a flood of bubbles, her eyes amused.

Whirlmist flattened his ears and hissed. "Very funny. Now, follow me." He dove back into the cold water, and Storm followed, shivering.

He was headed straight down, right where any dragon would look, because everything is always hidden in the scariest, darkest, most frightening place- right?

Storm hissed to herself, grabbed his tail, and began to tow him up. This is exactly where not to go! She dug in her talons and spiraled upward.

His scales flashed indignantly, but she towed on, she needed to give this Prince a stern talking to.

When they emerged, he spat furiously at her, his scales a bioluminescent blue. "What's your issue, SkyWing?"

Storm bristled. "What's my issue? Your stupid slug-face, that's it! This is my mission!" She flashed her scales back at him.

The Prince flared his gills at her. "Well I-" he was cut of by a low creaking sound, like a dragon on breaking wood.

His voice caught in his throat, and he was trembling from nose to tail tip. "What was that." He whispered.

Storm blinked slowly. A shape was producing from behind him. Upon a slab of stone a weary-looking dragon was stumbling forward, it's jaws parted in an inhuman angle.

"W-Whirlmist." She stuttered, her eyes wide as the dragon stumbled closer. "Turn around."

The Prince gave her a wide-eyed look, then slowly, like his talons were made of ice, he turned his head.

Then his jaw slackened. His eyes turned to tiny pebbles. His tongue curled, then grew limp. "It's him." Was all he uttered.

Storm was confused. "Who..." She asked, flattening her ears to her head. " he?"

She now noticed the dragon was dragging one of his talons, as if it was injured and he could not heal. He was dragging himself forward, and now she could see his scales.

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