Rift in Reality- Intro

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  • Dedicated to My sister


A cold rain pours down on the bloody swamp. The air is thick with the musty scent of blood and the cries of the dead. A small framed man holds up another by the neck, in the air, clenching it, choking him. He laughs at the tormented soul's suffering, blood starting to pour out his mouth.

"You...bast...," the individual tries to choke out.

"Oh what’s that? What did you say?" mocks the man, putting his ear to the choking man's lips. "Try and speak clearer," he says with a demented grin. 

In a last act of defiance, the tortured soul spits blood into the torturer's ear, and flashes a smile, knowing it was his last. Eyes filled with burning fury, the hand slowly constricts around the neck, the throat giving out first, a gritty crunch, the cervical spine gives out as well.

“Worm…” the killer spat, as he peers at the dead man’s face, looking at the grin that is still is plastered on his face. “STOP SMILING!” he screams, and he throws the body into a tree, the large crash ringing through the area. 

After shuddering in delight at the crunching sound of the mort’s spine breaking against the tree, he peers out at the last man standing in the sea of death.

            "No more pain, no more suffering. Once I kill you it will all be over," the murderer shouts.

The person standing in the carnage leers back at him, angered deeply, the freezing rain soaking his long, snow white hair, stained with the blood of the deceased.   "You're a fool, Daemonium. A blatant fool," he says, his eyes locked on to Daemonium's. 

"How many lives will you take until you've had your fi-?"

"Angelus, you're the fool!" Daemonium howls, interrupting Angelus. With every word Daemonium’s pace speeds up.

Daemonium continues to bellow, getting closer and closer, getting faster and faster, “You stole my happiness, you stole my kingdom!” He breaks into a sprint, smashing anything under his feet. “You even took my lover! Oh but now, now I’ll take EVERYTHING from you, including your worthless life!”

            Hearing those words, hearing those words from him, put Angelus into a shock. As time slows around him, he thinks to himself, when did this get like this?

Why? We…we were so close…so close…

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