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Screeching tires, and the stench of burning rubber assaulted my senses.

I raised my hand to the driver to gesture I was sorry, then turned my focus back to my friend. Charles dropped and kicked his leg out for a sweep, but the creature hopped, as if doing a jump rope routine with some friends on a playground.

A group of humans stood outside a storefront a few doors down, watching. One stepped out from the crowd of five and pointed in our direction. I lunged at the creature tackling Charles and wrestled him behind the bus stop shelter, out of view.

A low, guttural growl vibrated the creature's body as we rolled. I clamped my arm around his neck from behind. He lay on top of me, back against my front, and I squeezed with all my strength. Charles came into view, holding his weapon. A quick jab to the chest, and the demon's dust settled over me.

"Charles, watch out." I yelled as I choked on the soot polluting the air.

Another creature clobbered Charles from behind, laying him flat. I hopped to my feet. A blunt force cracked against my back. I lurched forward, into the hands of the demon facing me. I snuck in a palm punch to the jaw and turned to the side to face them both.

Damn. Two Lechery demons. They bit hard, and since they were sex demons, if they got ahold of not going to happen!

I darted to the left, toward the cover of darkness behind the county library, hoping they'd follow so I could kick their asses in private.

The fewer human witnesses the better.

The two-story, brick building was quiet, and with the bright moon hanging high in the clear night, it cast a long shadow over the parking lot.

I slid out the knife from my forearm holster as I turned the corner. The jagged brick dug into my back as I leaned against the wall, waiting. Labored breathing cut through the thick silence, hanging heavy around me. I slowly bent my knees to lower my position.

A partner would come in handy right about now.

Glass crackled. Sounded about a foot away, so they were close.

I gripped my knife until my knuckles ached. I sucked in a deep breath and held it. Three seconds.



I whipped out my blade, slashing the shin of one of the demons. He stumbled forward, and I plunged my weapon into his chest. His partner grabbed my hair, snapping my head back, and my body off balance.

"You killed my partner," a raspy voice said.

I coughed at the lingering dust from the demon I'd just vanquished and the putrid-smelling breath of the one staring down at me.

Damn Lechery Demons.

As if sucking out a human's soul wasn't enough, they had to defile their bodies, too. I had to get away from this sicko ASAP!

Problem was, the more I fought, the more violent it'd get. The demonology books we studied defined it as biological, connected to the hormones emitted that triggered our adrenaline, but my bet was on the dominance-thing theory.

They hated humans. Viewed us as cattle. Why not treat them that way, right?

I so was not cattle.

Ready to fry his ass, I reached for his face, but he grabbed my forearm. The only bummer about wearing long sleeves was less flesh to expose, which I needed to ignite my electricity.

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