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A/N Hey guys i turned on the news and it said that i don't have school so here are atleast 2 maybe 3 updates coming!


Raph's P.O.V (didn't expect  that hu?)

i noticed the way (Y/n) and Casey look at each other but they never say anything. ugh they both wine about liking each other when the other isn't around its just so annoying how they don't tell eachouher so im taking  preacations. "hey Casey can we talk, its about (Y/n)." i asked him over the phone then put it on speacker and started the tape racorder "well i really like her." i said "WHAT YOU CANT I LIKE HER MORE!!"he screamed at the top of his lungs "im just kiddin bro i just wanted to see your reaction." i said wial laughing "ugh i hate you Raph. Got to go Coach wants me to get on the rink." he said befor hangimg up "oh this ios gonna be good

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was on my way to the lair to talk to Donnie about help with homework ... im not that bright but atleast i get B-'s. "Donnie you in here?" i asked as i knocked on the lab door "ugh... give me a sec (Y/n)!" he said "k ill go talk to Mikey!" i shouted and headed to the living room to see... Leo "hey Leo weres Mikey?" i asked him "Hashi." he said in a monoton voice not taking his eyes off the TV "okay... ill go talk to Raph then by!" i said realy fast as i ran into the dojo only to find raph siting on the floor with Chompy "hey guys hows it going?" i asked siting down infront of them (yes you talk to Chompy even though hes just a baby spase turtle) "oh hey (Y/n) um i wsnted to ask you something about Casey." he said "ok shoot bro." i said " um why dont you tell him how you feel." he said with that sliy smerk on his face "um ... im.... to..... shy." i stamered out "oh ok well how doyou feel?" he asked "what do you mean? " i asked  "um do you like like him." he said cocking an eyebrow "um y-y-yeah." i said feeling my cheaks heat up so i covered my face and got up "i-i-I got t-t-to go by." i said speedwalking out of the lair and to my house.

Raph's P.O.V

as (Y/n) walked out i stoped the tape racorder "this better work." i said sighing as i downloded the tapes to my T-Phone (can you do that?)   and sent them to the to star cros3e lovers 'dont ask me and Marcellus watch Twilight way tomuch and any other chick flicks i beg send help' "RAPHI MIKEY TOOK MY LAPTOP!" i hered a girlish screach "ugh Mikey give it back befor she sets on fire." i said "she ate the last slice of pizza" "i dont crare Mikey" i said handing Marcy back her laptop!" then i hered Casey scream that (Y/n) liked him! "well that worked!" i said

Casey's P.O.V

i was on my way to the lair when i got a text from Raph it was a pre racorede mesag thingy 'whats this?' i thought as i played it. when it was over i scramed "SHE LIKES ME (Y/N) ACTUWALY LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i swere if i screamed any louder the pipe  that i was inwould have broke! then i got a call from... (Y/N) "hey (Y/n) wats up" i asked poping the p "um is it true you like me?" she stuted out 'aww so cute!' "yeah." i said feling the heat rush to my face " um i-i-i like y-y-y-you to." she said quietly "i know, Raph sent me a recording of you to talking about me." i said trying not to sound cokey "... he is so lucky i think of him like a brother or i would kill hi." she muttered "so um... i was wondering if you would be my girl friend?" i asked "YES! i mean yeah." she said as i chukeled


hi love's this took me 3 hr's to make becaus of procrasinating and thinking of how to make this work! im so happy to say SNOW DAY i hope all of you have a snow day aswell if not when you hear that your gonna have a snow storm take a small pice of ice and put it in the toulit dont flush it and were your PJ's backwereds thats what i did and now its a snow day and also sorry for the bad grammer my Gramerly is working on it! also i put my OC Marcellus A.K.A Marcy in this hope you dont mined.

by Love's ~Marcellus

by people -Zane yes i am here she got sum ideas from me!

"ZANE HET BACK HERE YOU LITT-" "nu uh i'll daliet it!" "nuuuu give it back *puuppy eyes*" "fine *hands phone back*" "runns away laughin!* by Love's"

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