The Best Intentions

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A/N: I don't think I've ever done Aaron's POV before? But hey there's a first time for everything! Also most of you are Team Chace, some Team Aaron, and no one is Team Jake. Everyone on Team Chace will probably hate Jake after this. Just warning you. Oh! You may need to reference the chapter 'Wanna Bet?' just in case you all forgot.

Aaron's POV

"I mean, I know she gave me a definite no because of Chace," Jake admitted during our off period.

We were leaning against the tree Skye and I always hung around. Well, I was leaning. He was standing about a foot from me.

I grimaced. I didn't mind Jake's complaining, he was a hell of a lot better than Chace. I'd seen how much hell he'd put Skye through. I just couldn't believe she'd just forgot about it because she was horny or felt some sort of attraction to him.

And my more selfish reason for hating him; he was taking my best friend. I hadn't seen Skye in two and a half days. That's the longest we'd ever gone without seeing each other. Plus where the hell was she now? With Chace. And where was I? With her ex-boyfriend waiting for her to show even though I knew she never would

Was she really that horny? If all she needed was a fuck buddy I'd do her just to get her back!

Okay, I probably wouldn't. We just didn't have that kind of relationship. I didn't even want that kind of relationship. You sleep with your best friend, even just causally, it's just a slippery slope to either losing them or marriage. And I wanted none of that for me and Skye.

But that didn't mean I didn't miss her like crazy. I just wanted my best friend back.

I groaned, "To tell you the truth I didn't understand her picking him either." He beamed with hope so I shook my head 'no', "Cool your jets, hot shot. I wouldn't understand her picking you either."

He scowled, "You probably miss her more than I do, don't you?"

I nodded reluctantly.

"That's what I thought," he said. Not in a smug way, more like her was pondering it, "I guess I have to go pay up."

"Pay up?" I asked snapping out of my trance of nothingness.

"Yeah, Chace and I made a bet," he looked slightly guilty for even saying anything.

"About what?" I pressed sensing this wasn't going to be good.

"Nothing, just forget about it," he shook his head.

I got off the tree, grabbed him by the shirt, and slammed him against the tree so fast he never saw it coming. "What did you and Chace bet about?" I snarled.

"We- it wasn't like I wanted to, he asked and I accepted because he was-" I pulled him off the tree then pushed him against the tree trunk again and harder.

"I don't care," I spat, "Tell me what it was about."

"Okay!" he yelled, "He bet me that he could get a date with Skye before I could. We basically bet over who would win Skye."

"She's not something you win. She's a person," I yelled.

"I know that!" he exclaimed almost begging for me to understand that, "I know. She's perfect and she's your best friend. I didn't want to bet, but Chace was so cocky about it."

"I don't car- Wait when did you and Chace make the bet?"

"I-I don't know," he stuttered, "It was around the time I told Skye about my mom and how sorry I was that I had to leave her."

I dropped him immediately, "They were already dating? Give me the money. I'll get it to Chace." He was about to protest, but I cut him off, "If you give him the money in front of Skye she's just going to think you're jealous. Give it to me."

Once he nodded I let him go. He stuck a hand into his pocket to fish around for his wallet. Once he found it he brought it to his face, opened it, and quickly handed fifty dollars over to me.

I grabbed it, "Thanks. And if I hear you're betting or even talking about Skye as some kind of prize again I'm going to find you, and I'm going to kick your ass. Got that?"

He gulped and nodded.

"See you later Jake," I said before running off to find Skye. She's pretty predictable. It was obvious she'd be at the stone wall she always sat at if we weren't in the same lunch.

It might've seemed like I was rushing to tell her about this because I was jealous that I lost my best friend to Chace, but in reality it was because Chace made a bet on her. He may have had the best intentions now, but Skye still deserved to know about it. I wish I was a girl then no one would've question me on my motives.

Did I just say I wish I was a girl? The second after I tell Skye about that bet I going to have sex... with a girl. Because I'm a guy.

I stopped directly behind Chace and Skye showing a digusting amount of romance. They were playing with each other's fingers and giggling. Was this how Skye felt when I was cuddling with Jen in front of her?

"Chace," I called even though he was a foot in front of me.

"Yeah?" he turned around.

I slapped the money into his hands with a smile, "Here. Jake wanted me to give it to you."

He looked confused for a minute, but then his eyes got wide and he shook his head 'no', "I don't want it."

I laughed, "No, you made the bet you're keeping the money."

Skye moved her head to see passed Chace to me, "What bet?"

"You don't want to know," Chace glared at me.

"Dude," I gave him a sympathetic look, "she's my best friend. I have to tell her." I walked closer, "Skye, Chace and Jake made a bet on who could get a date with you first." The look on her sad face made me want to ease the blow so I added, "But I don't think that's the reason Chace wanted to date you."

"But he made a bet anyway," she narrowed her eyes at Chace.

"Skye-" he started.

"I-I'm just going to go with Aaron. I'll see you later," she hopped off the wall and dragged me away with her.

"Skye," I stopped her once we were a good twenty feet away, "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, it's just that I really missed you and when I found out about they made a bet I had to tell you-" I rambled.

"I missed you too," she hugged me and managed to cut me off. Damn that girl had a habbit of doing that.

"So you're not upset that I told you?" I asked confused.

She pulled off me with a smile, "Of course not. Even if you told me for the most selfish reasons, you still told me."

I smiled, "Want to ditch ninth?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she smirked

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