New York New Nanny

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Malia Outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia P

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Malia Outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia P.O.V

I was chaing my Ex Nanny K helper out of the building i was laughing i saw Tony the door man smiled a little Zuri smiled

"And don't forget to write!" i yelled happily as i walked to Zuri and Tony and they gave me a high five

"Nice touch on the chainsaw" Zuri said i smiled

"Thanks scaring people is what i do best oh and Tony thanks for letting me borrow your chainsaw" i said as Tony took his Chainsaw back

"Anytime Malia mostly because I'm scared of you" Tony said as i smiled innocently we saw a cab drive up a girl got trown out of the cab i had a look of amusement

"That was rude" the read hair girl said yeah well welcome to New York Red the cab diver toss her stuff out

"Ha ha you missed me" Red mocked as the diver throw a plastic cup i love this diver Tony ran to red

"Woah you must be a really bad tipper! I'm Tony" Tony said to Red Red smiled and shook his hand

"I'm Jessie" Red said as i picked up one of her bra's

"Hey Red!" i called out as she looked at me Zuri Zuri handed

"We're guessing this is yours?" Zuri asked as Jessie grabbed the bra laughing a little

"Oh thank you sweeties....that's just my slingshot" Jessie said i laughed and looked at Tony

"She doesn't know it's a bra " i said laughing Zuri was laughing also the next thing we knew we saw Nanny K run out screaming about time

"Bye Nanny!" i said while waving my hand

"Whatever your name was hey Jessie wanna be are New Nanny?" Zuri asked Red

"Aww thank you sweetie but i didn't come all the way from Fort hood in Texas to ve a babysitter i came to New York to follow my dreams cause this where dreams come true" Jessie said i looked at her with a you believe that junk look

"Yeah Right until then i like my grilled cheese cut in triangles and Zuri would like her tutu starched!" i said sarcastically Zuri grabbed Jessie's hand as we ran into the elevator laughing we finally got up to the penthouse

"Whoa! This is like the Astrodome but with better furniture" Jessie said as i laughed a little we saw are butler Bertram

"Look Bertram me and Malia found a new nanny in the street!" Zuri said happily as she looked at me i nodded

"Can we keep her!?" we both asked jumping up and down

"If she doesn't poop on the floor it's fine with me " Bertram said as he went back to dusting A picture

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