27- I should go

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"Aly, can you come up here?"

I looked up at the Krav Maga instructor and nodded. Joining him on the mat, I stood in front of him as the other students looked on. The instructor was in his mid-thirties, wearing military pants and a tucked-in black t-shirt. He looked at me expectantly as he spoke to the students.

"Each of you is going to practice this move on me, starting with lucky Aly." He smiled at me and got in a ready position. His next words were directed only at me. "I'm going to come at you now. Do you remember what to do?"

After watching his assistant demonstrate it with him three times, I nodded and awaited his attack. 

"Ok, here we go."

He took a few steps back and smiled at me. Suddenly, he held his arms out and started running at me in an attempt to shove me back. I knocked his arms down with my own and quickly moved so I was standing perpendicular to him as his running force propelled him forward another step. Then I put my hand under his chin and lifted up gently, forcing him to the ground by just grabbing his head. With the instructor on his back, he looked up at me proudly before calling on the next student.

I had been taking this class off an on for the past year or two, my attendance only struggling when Tyler came into my life. Now that he was back out of it, I had time to do the things I used to care about. It had only been a week since I said goodbye to him and since I was still depressed about it, I filled my schedule with distractions to keep me sane. 

After everyone had gone through that move, the instructor ended class. As I gathered my stuff from the locker, one of my classmates walked over next to me.

"You did really well today." His name was Jason and he had talked to me a couple of times before. He was a big guy, probably too muscular for my taste, but he had been nice enough so far. Just a couple of days ago he had asked me out on a date, which I had declined.

"Thanks, Jason. You did too." I shrugged on my jacket and started to leave class. Jason walked beside me, keeping pace and not giving up.

"So how about that coffee?"

"I don't know." I replied as we stepped out onto the sidewalk. I shoved my hands in my pockets and kept my gaze forward, watching the street in front of us.

"Come on, there's a place right there. Just one."

I looked to where his finger was pointing and saw a small shop on the corner. Finally, I sighed and nodded at him. "Just one." Maybe I just needed to give the guy a chance.

We sat down at a booth in the corner and I waited as he placed our order. I found myself staring out the window when he returned, my thoughts in a place they shouldn't have been in.

"So when you're not studying to become a trained killer, what do you do?" Jason asked as he sat in front of me, placing my hot latte on the table. I took it into my hands and held the cup, hoping it could warm me up.

"Who said I'm not a killer already?" I asked him, a devious smile on my face.

"Oh, woah. Didn't know you were such a badass."

I laughed. "Actually my life's pretty boring. I just go to class and hang out with friends."

"Hey, that's cool. I'm in class too."

"Oh, what do you study?"

"Engineering, you?"


On and on it went. A conversation involving small talk and light jokes. A conversation that seemed to entertain Jason while I couldn't help but sneak glances out the window, watching as snow was just starting to fall.

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