Oh. I see.

Suddenly the tasks help with photoshoot and film makeup tutorials made more sense. As did a whole second section regarding contest promotion— Lana was the face of a Milk Matte giveaway.

I wasn't even halfway through reading the checklist, and I had to take a moment. This was a lot of work. I was going to need to organise my time exceptionally well in order to get through all this in one day.

"Oh!" another voice sounded, and I jumped, looking up. A petite girl, with short, clipped back hair and minimal makeup was looking at me.

"Kara, this is Wren," Lana introduced lazily, still flicking through her phone.

Kara offered me a genuine smile and her hand, which I gratefully shook. At least she seemed kind.

"So, you're the new girl?" she mused, looking me up and down. "You ever worked in marketing before?"

I sucked in a breath. Something about Kara seemed approachable and friendly, and I got the feeling she wouldn't judge or rat me out if I told her the truth.

"Not... exactly..." I said, with a wince. She laughed.

"Don't stress hon— you'll be fine. I'll help you as we go."

She turned to Lana, her gaze narrowing. "Okay, that's enough, Lana. Let's get you ready— we need to film four videos before the lunch meeting, and April Rose is expecting a blog post by 10AM."

We helped Lana set up. Kara was a miracle worker— she somehow managed to set me up in the back room, proofreading April Rose's article, whist floating back and forth to adjust the cameras and lighting for Lana when necessary.

By the way, April Rose was a fashion blog, not a person— who knew, right?

After I'd proof read the article, she instructed me to open her emails and answer any regarding Milk Matte on her behalf, then double check that the automated scheduler had sent out the past twelve posts on Lana's social media channels and respond to any comments or bad publicity.

Lana got a lot of comments from random people. It was crazy just how many people had nothing better to do than spam up her feed with emojis and various compliments. A few people left nasty comments, but I just deleted those, or marked them as spam— there was no point starting something directly with them. I kept an eye out for anything more disastrous to her reputation, and on occasion came across the odd accusation that Lana was a liar, or her video content was made up, or she faked half of her Storytime's. I made a note of these people, knowing we'd probably have to do something to counteract this without singling them out too much.

Just after 11 AM, Lana drifted out to grab some lunch, and Kara took a seat beside me, booting up the other computer. She uploaded the photoshoot images and began crafting them into Instagram worthy images and video thumbnails in photoshop.

"If you've finished that, I'll get you to make note of what Lana's competitors have put out today," Kara said, peering over at me. "There should be a list somewhere in that pile."

I went rummaging through, and eventually found the list she was talking about. It was divided into daily columns, and there were up to twenty competitors per day. The majority were YouTubers like her, in her niche, but a few were Instagram models or beauty bloggers.

"Take note of any topics that interest you. It'll help us think of some content inspiration later."

I quickly scanned through numerous videos and articles, trying to limit myself to three minutes with each.

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