26- truths and old friendships

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The water showered down on me, warm and comforting, saturating my body to the core. I don't know how long I'd been standing there. I was numb, unfeeling, not thinking about anything but the sound of the droplets hitting the ground. 

It was over. Before it even began.

"Aly, you in there?" I heard my roommate's voice call from outside. I finally turned the water off, the first movement I had made in at least ten minutes.

"I'll be right out."

After drying myself off, I dressed in sweats and shuffled my way to the living room. Sitting at the table was Carly along with Jess and her boyfriend, Javier. They seemed to be in the middle of an intense conversation when I joined them, all three sets of eyes following me as I sat down at the last empty chair.

"This robbery's really got you shaken, hasn't it?" Carly asked after taking a look at my pale face. I nodded wordlessly, not able to tell them the real reason I was upset.

"They didn't take anything from my room, either." Jess told me. Apparently, her and her boyfriend were going to spend the night here instead of at her parent's house in light of recent events. "You sure they didn't take anything of yours?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." I replied evenly.

"It's so weird." Carly muttered, her eyes fixed on mine in wonder. "Why would they break in if they didn't even wanna take anything?" 

As they continued to talk about it, my eyes drifted over to the Mexican man sitting next to Jess, his hand intertwined with hers. The gesture was so simple, really, but seemed to do a lot to keep Jess at ease. She appeared to be the most calm out of all of us and I wondered if that was because she had her man by her side.

"Where's Tyler? Did you tell him about what happened?"

My head snapped back up at Carly's question, all remaining color draining from my face. "He's busy."

"Well you should go see him. He works just down the street, maybe he could-"

"We're not talking anymore." I snapped, immediately regretting how harsh my tone was. 

Carly's face fell, a frown taking over her delicate features. "Oh."

Yeah. Oh.

After another hour of discussing the robbery, it was decided that we never talk about it again. We were all safe as were our belongings, so there was no point in bringing up such an uncomfortable topic.

When my roommates put on a movie to distract themselves before bed, I stuck around for about ten minutes before calling it quits. I couldn't stand to see Jess and her boyfriend cuddling on the couch anymore, looking all cute and in love. It made me sick, so sick that I spent my night and most of the next day at the gym, taking out my aggression on an innocent punching bag.

It wasn't until morning that I really allowed myself to cry. I didn't realize how much I had been bottling up till now, sitting on the floor, hugging myself as though I was about to fall apart. 


"You really miss Tyler, don't you?"  Carly asked me later that afternoon, when I was staring blankly at the wall for the fourth time during our conversation. Here she was asking me how to use Tinder and I was too busy thinking of my own problems to help out.

"Nah, I'm fine." I mumbled before picking my nails at the kitchen table. I gave her a pathetic smile as she scooted her chair closer to me, eyes full of concern as she shut down the app.

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