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They say that sex between people who have deep feelings for each other is different. That it affects your soul differently, that you feel way more than just physical pleasure. You're more aware of the person you're with, their wants and needs, their emotions. It's a display of passion as opposed to that meaningless sex a one night stand will give you. It increases the bond between you, making you feel connected in a way that nothing else will.

That's what I felt with Tyler. It was so powerful that I felt it in my heart, burning and tugging and feeling whole for the first time. Our bodies moved perfectly together, the passion so intense that I could have cried. He looked deeply into my eyes as if he was looking inside of me, seeing all of me and not just the body that was on top of him. His caresses were gentle, his touch delicate as if I were made of glass.

Nothing about it was rough, or quick, or angry. It was the complete opposite, and I knew the memory of it would be burned into my mind forever.

As I cuddled up next to him with my head resting on his chest, still naked and body tingling, I lifted my hand up to his skin to draw lines on his abs. I softly traced the hard ridges of muscle, my finger zigzagging lower and lower until I made it to his happy trail. I felt Tyler suck in a breath as his body tensed, his calloused hand reaching out to stop mine before I could descend any further. Wordlessly, I intertwined my fingers with his and lifted my head to look up at him, mischief in my eyes.

As I gazed upon his face, I could immediately see that twinge of fear hiding beneath his gold dusted eyes. Wanting to be rid of it, I leaned closer to him and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. When I pulled away, he was smiling. Not widely, but one full of genuine happiness and compassion. After returning the grin, I lowered my head back down on his chest.

When we awoke the next morning, Tyler's arms were encircled around my body, hugging me tightly as if he were afraid I'd float away. I giggled softly as he nuzzled his face against the back of my neck, his hot breath tickling my ear.

The alarm clock finally went off at eight, breaking the spell. Wordlessly, we untangled ourselves from the sheets and got dressed. Occasionally, I would shoot him a smile that he would return, but that was the extent of our communication. Both of us knew that words would do nothing but ruin the moment, all of the things worth saying already communicated through our emotions, our movements.

As we drove back to Boston, Tyler slept again. We left early Saturday morning because Tyler had to meet with his bosses that afternoon. We planned on going to downtown Boston on Sunday to work again, if everything went to plan.

I glanced at Tyler as he slept in the passenger's seat. I looked at his always tousled dark hair, his chest rising with every breath. I admired his strong shoulders and innocent face, the face of a man that just wanted to protect those that he cared about. With everything we had been through, I hoped we could survive whatever was coming next.

As I pulled onto my street, I instantly knew something was wrong. I saw blue flashing lights in the distance and the sinking feeling in my chest gave me a guess as to where they were. I put a hand on Tyler's shoulder to wake him up, his eyes widening in panic when he saw why. I didn't slow down as we passed by my apartment with the two cop cars sitting outside. I just cruised on by with Tyler ducked down in his seat as I kept my eyes forward, concentrating on my new goal.

"Get out. I can handle it." I told Tyler as I parked a couple of houses down from Dave's. He looked at me in panic, not wanting to leave me alone.

"They're going to arrest you."

"They have nothing to arrest me for." I reminded him, though that wasn't entirely true. There was one person who could rat me out, though I had a hard time believing he'd stoop that low.

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