24- just kiss me

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I got ready in the bathroom, digging through my makeup bag and styling my hair with a straightener. Even though I still wasn't exactly a pro with the whole primping thing, I did know my way around different products thanks to my two roommates. I had enough skills to make my skin look flawless with eyes and lips that pop, all while not taking that long. Well, not too long anyway.

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror before throwing all of my stuff back into the bag. The gray dress I was wearing had a scoop neckline and thick straps. It was tight and low cut, showing off each and everyone of my curves. My short hair hung in my face so I ran my fingers through it before walking out in my four inch heels. I stopped a couple of feet from the bed, frozen when I saw him staring at me.

Tyler's face looked how every girl dreams a guy would look at her, except better. Most of his expression remained unchanged, stone cold, void of emotion. It was his eyes that spoke volumes, the heat within them hard to ignore. They traveled up and down my body, slowly, taking in every square inch before finally meeting my gaze. The intensity of it trapped me in place, body tense and rigid as he undressed me with his eyes. Suddenly, I wished he was doing it for real.

"Ready to go?" My voice sounded raspy, breathless. I needed to concentrate. We couldn't spend the whole night here in the hotel room undoing all of the hard work I just put in. No, we could save that for later.

Tyler didn't speak, just nodded. Slowly, he got up and walked over to me, stopping just inches away.

"You look amazing, by the way." Tyler's eyes flitted down to my lips for just a second, his voice low and husky. Before I could say anything, he stepped past me and out the door, so I wordlessly followed him. Dragging my mind out of the gutter, I remembered the reasons we were here as we stepped outside into the cold night air.

The first club we went to was near Times Square. We had to pay a cover but it was going to be worth it judging by how classy the place was. I took off my trench coat and checked that along with my purse, feeling better knowing that all I had to do was dance.

The club had a big dance floor in the center, with the DJ on one side and the bar on the other. There were hundreds of lights dancing around the room while one of the walls was actually a waterfall, a thin sheet of water falling down into a pool of rocks that stretched half of the length of the wall. Behind it were different colored lights that sparkled against the stream, making it the centerpiece of the entire club.

As soon as we entered, Tyler and I went our separate ways. As I sat at the bar to get a drink, I watched as the twenty or so people in the center danced to the electronic music. I had gotten through half of my whiskey sour when a man a couple of years older than me asked for a dance, which I graciously accepted.

We started out dancing face to face, standing a couple of inches apart. It wasn't long before he pulled me closer and I put my ass against him, grinding and swaying to the beat. I didn't start off too dirty and just tried to have fun with the music. I threw my arms up and sang along, losing myself in it. Eventually I turned around and started groping him, discreetly feeling around for where his wallet was.

Back pocket. Classic for someone at a club cause otherwise, it just gets in the way of the dancing. I went back to grinding on him while I put my hands in the air, one of them holding up a finger. It was our signal on how I would let Tyler know which pocket to go for.

I felt the guy I was dancing with get bumped slightly, then watched as Tyler threw his hands up in apology and acted drunk. After muttering an obscenity, the guy got back to dancing with me and forgot all about it. Ten minutes later, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, hiding out there for another ten minutes in hopes that he'd find someone else to dance with.

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