okay guys, new idea!

I'm writing an alternate ending. So, instead of a sequel, what if I take the last chapter, revise it, and keep the book going to a different, possibly better ending?

I'll let you guys decide, keep the ending and go on to a sequel or completely change the ending and keep it going into a different direction.

Let me know what y'all think! I love hearing your ideas!

and also, I realized my description of the book is, for lack of better words, shitty. if you guys could send me ideas to change that, I'd appreciate it greatly and give you credit.

so message me your ideas and again, thank you for your support, I never would've thought this story would've gotten as much love (and hate, sorry about kj guys) as it has. 💖

p.s. do you think I have a shot at the wattys? if so, does anyone know when the next is and how I could enter? if not, I'm just glad and surprised it got this much attention anyways! ily guys.

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