~*Chapter 8*~

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Jess's POV

When we got to the chamber, I saw a tree, with nuts on it. A magic growth one, probably. Immediately, Jin, Jason, and I ran under the tree, and Jason even nimbly climbed up its branches. You see, we're squirrel hybrids, not Ross. He's a narwal hybrid. WHICH meant he instantly ran into the pool of water, his legs melting into a gray tail, and a silver horn sprouting out of his head. He created a ball of water, and held it in his hands. Small red ears and a red squirrel tail popped out of Jason's head and waist. I had lavender, and Jin had a dark purple tail. 

I created a small, glimmering magic ball of flowers. Jason had a magic ball of nuts, and Jin had leaves.

(Haha! You thought ROSS was gonna be da squirrel hybrid but NO!)

Adam had golden feathery wings sprout from his back, and he flew up to the top of the high ceiling room, smiling, creating a ball of air.

Barney and Red, they became human sized dinosaurs, and their teeth got sharper. It was like a human and a dinosaur had a baby. Of course, Barney got interested in the dirt, and Red got interested in the apple tree. Red created a ball of apples, and Barney got dirt.

Shelby (I kid you not; I looked up high-pitched animals) popped out her (I couldn't find anything cute there, so I looked up white fur; be prepared) tiny polar bear ears and polar bear tail. It kind of made sense, because Shelby and Ross were cousins, and both creatures come from the north (correct me if I sound like an idiot). After creating a ball of snow, she ran to a snowy mountain with a cave.

And everybody was happy.


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