Hidden Door

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"Hi Mrs. Makkins!" Zach Crown, Adley's best friend, and her most trusted partner ever since a kid. He greets her mother as she just smiles back, going back to what she was doing.

"Geez, I've been in your house a lot of times, and I feel like I'm still going to get lost..." He says as Adley laughs. "It is big... Now, let's go to my hideout..." She says whispering the last part as they ran quietly to her hidden space.

"Dang. This is awesome..." He says as Adley led him. It was a big maze for Zach. He didn't even know which was left and right anymore.

"Okay... Just crawl through that hatch right there, I'll be right behind you..." Adley says as Zach hesitates on going. "C'mon... Someone's going to find us..." She says as he looks back at her but does what he was told to do.

Straight after, Adley slides down as they land on a pillow bed at the floor.


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"So... Why did you want to talk with me about?" He asks getting comfy on the small tent hanging from the cieling.

"I think... My family is hiding something from me." She says. But Zach just looks at her like she was bringing up an absolute nonsense.

"I mean think about it... My mom always comes home from "work" without me hearing or seeing her come through the front door. And she always comes home in this, wierd fantasy clothes, teachers wear on the stories we've read together." She explains as Zach just chuckles at her.

"IT'S TRUE ZACH! And also, there's this small door behind my bed.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! All these years, I never even knew that existed there!" She says as Zach still looked unintrested. "I'll show you..." Adley leads him out on a door that lead to her bedroom.

She let's go of Zach's arm and pushes her bed beside. And there it was, the small door she was talking about. Zach was baffled. "WHAT THE HECK?!" He says as Adley quickly rushes up to him and covers his mouth. "Sshhhhh! They'll hear you!" She says. He nods understanding as they both look at the small door.

"Please don't tell me we're going in...." Zach says scared. "Oh... We will..." Adley replies as Zach groans behind her. They go through the door and leave the room as if nothing had happened in there.

But they didn't know, is that Adley's mother was listening behind the door. She smiled slightly thinking about how much Adley would love what was waiting for her behind the hidden door.

Light eminated from the small door as Zach and Adley find themselves in front of a castle like building.

"Adley.. Where are we?" Zach asks astonished and confused, looking around the new scenery they entered. "No Idea..."

Not another step, the doors they were facing crashed open and people, or much rather students, started to swarm outside from where they stood.

They were the center of attention. Everybody stared. Everybody wondered about who they were.

Both of them were standing still, not a single muscle moving. "Who are they?" They all questioned as a familiar voice rang through the giant crowd.


"Mom?!" Adley's Mother ran through and in front of her daughter. "Mom.. What?" She says. "I'll explain latwr. But for now. Get inside the school with me." "School?"


They walked around the hallways as some students, who were inside, were talking to eachother and following them with judging gazes.

"Mom.. What is this place?" Adley asks, looking around astonished at how big the place was.

"This... Is Hidden Academy."




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