chapter seven

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Whirlmist led Storm (or Seafoam) deep into the water, where a dark blue palace rose from the murky ground.

All around, SeaWings swam, hundreds of them. An especially pale one caught her eye, he was slowly swimming in a circle, his eyes dull.

Who's that? Thought Storm, poking Whirlmist and nodding at the pale swimmer.

Whirlmist cocked his head. He flashed his scales, then dimmed them. He turned his face away, and then looked at her. The SeaWing shrugged.

Storm cocked her head. She wished she could understand the various flashes of his scales. She tipped her head back, and gaze him a stare.

A quiet laugh bubbled from his mouth. He nodded towards an entrance in the upcoming palace.

Where are we going? How will this help? Storm swam after him as he paddled away, feeling awkward around the large crowd of regular SeaWings.

The Prince weaved easily around the SeaWings, his gills flaring with dignity as a couple stopped and dipped their heads to him.

Storm tucked in her wings and floundered after him, her scales burning as all eyes turned to her.

A pink-white female flashed her scales to Whirlmist, who dazzled her back with his tail scales. The female dipped her head and flashed the undereye scales.

Then, Storm and Whirlmist swam over to the entrance, Storm attempting to go as fast as she could without being suspicious.

Whirlmist pushed her in, staring at the SkyWing-SeaWing-thing-creature-animus touched-dragon intently. He flashed his scales and stretched out his neck, nodding to the left side of the castle.

Storm raised a brow.  Why doesn't he understand, I don't understand Aquatic! She barged past him, kicking up a flurry of bubbles, and darted into the castle, her heart pounding.

A blinding flash startled her, and she flicked her neck around to see Whirlmist. He rushed over. His scales flickered dangerously, and she dipped her head.

She wished she could understand the various scale patterns, but all she could pick up were the emotions from the dragons' face.

Whirlmist blinked at her. He awaited his tail towards a corner, then begins o paddle towards it.

Storm swam forward, turning a few times until they ended up in front of a large building.

His scales brightened until they looked like the sun, and she saw him take a large breath. Confused, she copied him.

In a split second, the water disappeared and Storm was breathing normally. She flexed her jaw. Can I speak?

"Woah..." Storm murmured. "It's big in here." She tested her voice carefully, making sure kk saltwater was floating anywhere near. Whirlmist pushed past her as she wobbled forward, used to her watery wings.

"Alright, well, let's search." He weaved around her and darted off, his wings spreading as he prepared to fly.

Storm readied her wings as well, lifting herself up and soaring through the musty air. She searched by her eye from above, picking out individuals that looked suspicious.

Then something caught her eye.

It was small, and it was hidden, but she saw it. She swooped down, and noticed the title. The Seven Seas. Storm's heart leapt.

"Whirlmist!" She called.

"The crash of the Seven Seas." Muttered Whirlmist, flipping through the pages. "Alright then... the crash... the crash!" He flared his wings. "Here! It says..."

The Crash of the Seven Seas is an underwater cave located underneath the deep palace. It has a legend that any SeaWing who was entered the cave... has never swam out.

Whirlmist slammed the book closed. "Yeah, no thanks. I don't think I want to die today. Can we get our Animus friend to fetch it?"

"Mojave? No!" Snapped Storm, her ears back. "Come on! It's a legend! I bet it's because some old geezer was scared someone would find his private spa, so he told some scary myth to his dragonets."

Whirlmist looked uneasy. "Alright... we can try..." he stood up and bounded towards the exit, Storm following. They leaped it's the waves, then swam out of the library.

Storm noticed Whirlmist had his head up higher outside of the library. He had an authority-packed swim out here, his head turned aide to side as he strode, and his haunted moved in opposites.

Storm studied this for a moment, before trying to mimic it. She arched her neck, and began swinging her head side to side, the copying it with her hips.

They walked like this for a moment, before Whirlmist spun around and flashed angrily at her. Storm stepped back, SHE DID NOT UNDERSTAND!

She flashed her scales as bright as she could, then shot up, craning her neck and spreading out her wings angrily.

Whirlmist was seething. He flared out his wings as well, then curved them inward. He shit an icy glare at her, along with his eyescales flashing.

Storm scowled at him. She flashed her undereye scales as well, hoping it was an offense, and not something the other dragon was trying to get her to say.

He looked shocked, his eyes so wide yay you could see the whites. For a split second her floated, then he swam off, propelling himself faster then Storm had seen in her life. She swam after him, her anger fading.

Wait! She tried to catch up, beating her wings faster, and straining her neck. But he was going too fast. Whirlmist!

He didn't stop, he went faster instead. WHIRLMIST! She cried inside her head, straining her neck. The SkyWing-SeaWing folded in her wings, then propelled forward, taking a burst of speed.

She finally caught up with Whirlmist. Idiot! She thought. Don't leave me like that!

He blinked his eyes furiously at her. His wings brightened fiercely, then he turned and kept swimming. Storm hissed to herself, wishing she could tell him how unbelievably petty he was.

But even if she could, there was no chance. He spread out his massive wings, and shoved her forward, his eyes wide with fear.

Storm glanced up as well, then a shudder ran through her.

The cave!

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