High School Musical - 1

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Disclaimer i do not own HSM or the character, song. i do however own Danielle. all rights go to the respective owners. i've uploaded stories from college and my Dad's and when i get home internet i will i media.

Tasha Amy

5,6,7,8 i counted in my head as i danced in the studio. it was the last day of the holiday and i was going to be going to East High as the new girl. My Dad moved me and my little sister hereafter he got a promotion. i didn't mind because well to be honest with you i was bullied at my old school for being the OTT  geek. you see i loved to dance my heart out all the time i still do but i also love Science. back i was known as the outcast that couldn't choose a clique.

"Dani Sweetie. its new years Eve and your still practicing" Dad entered i stopped the music.

"i need to practice if i want to get in Cali Dance Academy"

"i know sweetie but you'll work yourself to death if you do which is why for the next 2 weeks I'm banning you for dancing. you need to rest and relax. have fun in a different type of way okay."

"but Dad" i whine

"no buts. now there is a teen party in the freestyle club I've laid out your 'party dress' and matching converse you insist on wearing with it"  he gestures to the exit i huff and grab my things and leave the studio. i went to my room and showered before doing my hair. picking up my favourite dress which i called the party dress cause if i ever went to one this would be the best to wear. then my converse. i don't do heals and converse practically go with everything. my dress white at the top with a sweetheart neckline. light blue waist band and the skirt was a white and black pattern. my converse was matched the blue ribbon around my waist along with the shawl.

i went to the club and was lost in my own thoughts. i was brought out of them when i crashed into a girl.

"I'm so sorry" i bet down and picked her booked up.

"it's okay i wasn't looking where i was going." she replied

"neither was i." i handed her book back. she looked uncomfortable.

"let me guess parents made you come" she nodded

"my mom"

"Dad, err shall we" i opened the door and she went in i took my jacket off  along with my bag.

"I'm Danielle  by the way" i introduced myself

"Gabriella" we sat down and i played a game on my phone it was short lived when there was a spotlight on me. i looked up

"and you" a guy held out his hand and took it

"what?" i was pushed up on stage

"what no i don't sing" i protested i looked at the boy who was next to me

"maybe one day you'll thank me for this....or not" i looked around. i don't sing i dance but don't sing.

pretend you're in your studio  i heard my mom i took a deep breath as i then remember what dad said have fun in different ways

Livin' in my own world

Didn't understand

That anything can happen

When you take a chance


i lightly held the microphone on the stand as i sung my part

I never believed in

What i couldn't see

I never opened my heart

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