Chapter 16

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After eating a large breakfast, Aylin piled into a black Suburban SUV with the rest of the wolves. Quill was driving the second car with Zeke, and herself in the backseat. Angus was driving the first car with several of the warriors. She didn't know how long it would take to get there since her initial trek into the king's territory was such a blur. 

"I'm glad to see you ate a lot for breakfast," Ezekiel remarked. 

Smiling up at her mate, it made her happy to know that he was pleased with how much she ate. Truthfully, Aylin wanted to throw up. That amount of food was more than her body had in such a long time. But she remembered, a condition between them was that she eat more, and regain her former strength. Now that she had Ezekiel by her side, it was possible.

'Mate loves us!' Kaia yelped in Aylin's head.

'Oh my goodness, please shut up. You're giving me a headache!' 

'She's right, you know,' a deep voice rang in her head.

Snapping her head up, she looked to Ezekiel who was staring out the window with a smile on his face. "Was that you, Zeke?"  That was the first time Aylin heard her mate's voice through the link. She believed that she couldn't until he was marked by her. 

Looking down to the woman next to him, Ezekiel gave her thigh a light squeeze. 'Now, I can hear you through the link. I can also feel your emotions, like the one you're feeling now,' he purred seductively. A deep blush came across her cheeks. 'Soon, my love.'

"When will I be able to hear you too?"

'Once we've fully mated. Then you'll be able to hear me, and feel my emotions. You'll also be able to hear everyone in the pack.'

"What about blocking? I was never all that great at it."

"Please, block me out," Quill quipped, "I want to vomit."

Aylin's eyes widened, as she looked in the rear view mirror. Quill had a half-smirk on his face, and he winked at her. "Don't worry, sweetie. I won't vomit while driving."

A growl sounded through the car, shaking the windows. "Do not call my mate sweetie, Quill." 

Moving closer to her mate, Aylin swung her legs over his, resting her head on his arm to calm him. "It's not a big deal, Zeke." The rumble continued to flow through his chest so significantly, that Aylin's own body was shaking. "Relax, honey." 

Once she said that, Ezekiel wasted no time in scooping her off the seat into his lap, nuzzling himself into her neck. "You smell so good," he hummed. Draping his arm over her legs tighter, Aylin felt a pang of arousal between her legs. Beneath her, she felt something harden. 

"Can you two not have sex in the backseat? I'm still here you know." Quill broke the moment between them, with disgust in his tone. 

"Shut up," Ezekiel grumbled at him. Shimming downward slightly, Aylin rested her head against her mates broad chest. "Take a nap, baby. We'll stop in a few hours, and rest." Nodding, she closed her eyes, listening to the steady heartbeat of the king. 


Ezekiel scooped up his sleeping mate from the the car. Their journey was long, and they still had a day's drive to go. He slung their bags over him, before picking up his mate. Handling her with care, he kissed her forehead. Stirring a little, he paused his steps, hoping she wouldn't wake.     

"Give me my room key," he commanded, in a hushed tone to Quill. 

"Here," he said, handing him the key. "She sleeps hard," he remarked. 

"Her body is still recovering," Ezekiel answered. Looking down at her peaceful face, the king couldn't help, but smile slightly. "See you in the morning." 

"Bright and early." 

Going into their room, it was modest. A king sized bed, with a small refrigerator, and a cheap wooden desk, lamps by the nightstands, and a standing one near the bathroom. It wasn't much, but they were only staying the night. 

Laying her on the bed, Ezekiel placed the bags on the floor next to the desk. Looking at her through the reflection in the large mirror, she was the picture of perfection. Her hair draped over the pillow, he lips slightly parted. In that moment, the king couldn't believe how lucky he had gotten. 

Pulling his shirt off, a gentle voice came to his ears. "Zeke." 

When he turned, Aylin was sitting up, rubbing her eyes. Her sleepy face looked so cute. "I'm here, baby." 

Flicking on the lamp next to the bed, Aylin's eyes caught sight of her mates delicious body. Eyes widening, she looked away from him. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were getting undressed." 

A chuckle was heard from across the room. "You're allowed to look, sweetheart. I'm yours." 

Hearing that made Aylin's heart beat against her chest, like a drum. She felt strange about seeing him half-naked, even though they had already showered together. Her fear was that he would see her naked again, and he would be repulsed. 

For a fleeting moment, courage flowed through her bones, and she looked at her mate. He was only wearing his tight fitting teal boxers. Crawling across the bed to him, she stood up so she was eye level with him. Bringing her hands up, she traced the curvature of his muscles from his shoulders, through the six pack. 

Ezekiel's breath hitched the more she touched him. The sparks were coursing through him, down to his bones. His resolve was breaking the more she touched him. Trailing her fingers all over, they traveled down to his clenched fists. Sliding her hand to the back of his arm, Ezekiel opened his hand, allowing Aylin to link their fingers. 

Dragging her nose along his collar bone, Ezekiel dropped his head back feeling her breath on his skin. "Don't tease," he murmured. 

"Can I mark you?" she asked, almost shamefully. It wasn't unusual for a female to mark her mate, but it was less likely for a wolf of Ezekiel's caliber. 

"Do it," he answered, softly. 

'I want to do it,' Kaia whimpered. 

'Let him decide.'

"I want you to mark me. Not Kaia." Ezekiel answered the question before she even uttered it, forgetting to block him out of their conversation. 

Pressing her forehead to his, she kissed his plump, pink lips. They moved in sync with each other. Growling into her, Ezekiel gently gripped the back of her head, asking for permission with his tongue. Granting it, their tongues were in a battle for dominance. Moving her lips, she nipped down the side of his neck finding his sweet spot. When his hand gripped the back of her head harder, she smirked into him. Extending her canines, she gently licked the spot, then sunk her teeth into his flesh. 

A throaty groan came from the king. Never before had he felt such ecstasy. "Aylin," he moaned. 

Cleaning the blood off his neck, she brought her head back up. "Are you alright?" 

Without a word, he pressed his lips to hers, feverishly kissing her as though it was the last time. The passion flowed through them. Aylin could barely breathe. Running her fingers through his hair, it was so feathery soft. 

Their kiss broke, and they just gazed into each other's eyes. Aylin was taken aback at the bright shade of green his eyes were; this wasn't lust, it was something completely different.

"I love you, Aylin." 

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