Chapter .2.

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Chapter .2. :


hour after hour, class after class, the day went by in a haze. Jay introduced herself over and over again, until she thought if she had to say her name one more time, she'd probably throw a tantrum.

the last bell couldn't ring fast enough and JJ rushed out of her last class only to bump into principal white.

"in a hurry to get out of here are we?" Samantha spoke with a wide smile adjusting her tight fitting skirt.

it took a minute for Jay to realize who she had bumped into

" yeah, kinda, I got somewhere I gotta be" he answered slinging her backpack over her shoulder

" are you okay?" she added eyeing samantha's body closely

"yes, no harm done" Sam replied and stepped out of the way "you can go now. just don't run anyone over!" she joked with a chuckle then proceeded to walk towards her office.

once Jayden was in the student parking lot, she let out an exasperated sigh, a few moments later she noticed the small crowd gathered round where she had parked earlier that morning.

"hey, what's going on?! " she asked out loud but no one seemed to notice or rather care enough to answer.

she pushed and squeezed her way through the crowd and stood near a rather buff and tall guy that looked like he would eat her for breakfast.

the guy wore a N# 08 jersey with a football safely tucked under his arm. Jayden obviously assumed he was on the football team.

"why is everyone standing here?" she asked still not seeing anything past the sea of high schoolers huddled around her car so she waited for someone to reply.

the football jock scoffed with an evil smirk on his face and turned to look at Jayden "some dyke was running her mouth and we set her in her place! plus she just broke some dude's window" he let out an obnoxious laugh.

Jayden's eyes widened"shit!"

she breathed and dived head first into the gathering of teens. once she reached the other side she immediately noticed the raven haired girl sitting on the ground with her knees tucked to her chest and her head buried in her arms cradling her wrist, she barely heard the soft sobs over the mocking laughs of bystanders. it was then that Jay took notice of the shards of glass around the girl.

she looked up at the window only to see small freckles of crimson fluid tarnishing the shattered edges of the window.

rage quickly filled her and it was apparent on her face. it was as if the flames of hell had ignited in her pupils and were spreading into her entire being.

Jayden looked around and clenched her jaw "what the fuck are you all still standing here for. leave. NOW! " she yelled at everyone. her tone was very authoritative and demanding, something which she'd learned from her step-brother early on.

the students began to disperse but a few cheerleaders stuck around glaring at Jay who only got more pissed than she ready was.

"who the fuck do you think you are barking at everyone to leave?" one of the cheerleaders spat out at JJ who just ignored her.

seeing how the redhead brushed her off only agitated the cheerleader even more. she put her hand on Jay's shoulder but soon yelped at the sudden feeling of pain going through her wrist.

she looked down to see that Jay had spun around twisting the cheerleader 's wrist into a lock and glaring at her "do . not . touch . me" Jayden punctuated

"leave" she finally added after a pause letting go of the blonde cheerleader's wrist.

her voice had regained its calm but it was more of a "a calm before the storm" kind of tranquility.

the squad of barbie wanna-be's shuffled away while still glaring at the fiery redhead.

Jay kneeled down near the girl with the raven locks and lightly touched her arm. the girl just flinched and backed away.

"its okay, everyone is gone. its just you and me" Jayden offered and slowly the girl raised her head, her stare coinciding with jay's .

it was as if time had frozen when pallid blue eyes as deep as the ocean collided with green orbs shining like kryptonite.

Jay gave a shy smile and held her hand out for the girl

"I'm Jayden but you can call me Jay or JJ" she began then frowned as she remembered the dots of scarlet red on the crumbled window

"let me see your hand" she finally added her expression compassionate yet extremely serious.

"I...I'm Alexandra b...but my friends call Alex or Alexa" she spoke through the tears

Jay nodded and examined Alex's wrist when the raven haired girl had calmed down enough to let Jayden have a look

"we need to get this checked out by a doctor" Jay suggested her features compassionate yet serious.

Alex only nodded still sniffing slightly

"c'mon, get in" Jay added before making her way out of the parking

the silence that fell upon them was heavy and the tension more and more palpable with each passing moment until Alexa finally spoke.

"thanks you" she said almost in a whisper "for saving me back there" she added then fell quiet again.

she felt incredibly safe with Jayden and that was maybe due to Jay saving her from the flock of bullies mainly. but there was something else that shone in jay's bright green eyes.

Jay smiled and nodded at Alex mumbling a"you're welcome" before refocusing her attention on the road.


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