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1 what race are you? im Porta Rican, Native-American, and Irish

2 how old are you? 14 7 momths

3 how tall are you? 5ft 4

4 most embracing moment? um... well i was in the pool swimming with my brother Tyler and he ... pulled my tampon out thinking it was a loose string.

5 what is your most faverit memory? um well theres when my dad got me my snake when i turned 12.

6 why do you use Wattpad? to escape from all the assholes in the world. and to use my thoughts creativly.

7 what is your best vacation? um... well.... hmm... going to see my uncal Bruce to hang out at his farm with the horses! i like animals.

8 who is your faverit ather? um... idk bro im a book worm and I love all books but im gonna have to say hmm... the person who rought the books Star Girl and Star Boy look them up on google

9 what is your birthday? Augist 13

10 what is your dreem house? um maybe a house thats smaller than the one im in wich is a  3 story so maybe a 2 story.

11 what is your OC's name? i have a tone but here are a cuple Grace, Marcy, Marty, Anita, Lizzy, and Shay

12 who is your faverit Cartoon Carecter? um i dont maybe Raph or Blue Beatle not sure though.

13 how many freinds do you have? um *sigh* im a disapountment maybe 20 on the internet

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by lovlys ill update tomarow im sorry but im realy tiered

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