The Demonstration

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"Ladies and gentlemen settle down. Carlyle has something she'd like to show the class." Mr. Fischoeder said.

"Thank you Mr. Fischoeder." Carlyle said clearing her throat. "Today i wanted to bring something interesting to health class. I am going to demonstrate a real life situation along with Mr. Fischoeder."

The class watched quietly as Carlyle took out a bag. "These are gummy worms. If you eat them too quickly or while laughing you could choke. Isn't that right Mr. Fischoeder?" Carlyle said.

"That's right Carlyle." Mr. Fischoeder said.

"Choking happens when a piece of food gets lodged in your windpipe. It is very important when you see someone choking you help them immediately. A rescuer always performs the heimlich maneuver on a choking victim." Carlyle explained.

"Now say I ate one of these gummy worms and it got stuck in my throat. A choking victim will often stand up with their hands around their neck. This person cannot breathe or talk." Carlyle said.

Carlyle went and stood by Mr. Fischoeder. "Now, this is where Mr. Fischoeder comes in. He is going to demonstrate how to properly do the heimlich."

Carlyle turned around and Mr. Fischoeder stood behind her. Carlyle put her hands around her throat and acted like she was in distress. Mr. Fischoeder put his arms around Carlyle's waist and made a fist. With his other hand Mr. Fischoeder pulled on his fist hand hard and upward. He did this six times before speaking.

"What I just did there was the correct abdominal thrusts/heimlich maneuver. When you see a choking victim you must perform abdominal thrusts immediately. If that doesn't work call 911."

Carlyle got on the ground and laid on her back. Mr. Fischoeder got down on his knees near Carlyle's head.

"If the person stops breathing call 911. Make sure that the victim is face up. Now if the object is still in the person's throat and the heimlich didn't work, tilt the person's head back opening the airway. Then place both hands on the person's chest. Push down as many times it takes until the object is out or an ambulance arrives." Mr. Fischoeder said.

"I think this was a very important topic to go over." Carlyle said while getting up.

"Indeed it was." Mr. Fischoeder said.

After class was over Carlyle approached Mr. Fischoeder's desk. "Mr. Fischoeder i just wanted to say thanks for helping me with the demonstration today."

"You're welcome Carlyle anytime that you want to make the world a better place do it." Mr. Fischoeder said.

"I'm really going to miss you Mr. Fischoeder." Carlyle said with a tear in her eye.

"I'm going to miss you too Carlyle." Mr Fischoeder said.

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