Chapter 2

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Two Years Ago
Age 8

The crash of thunder seemed to cause the whole building to shake. The little girl jolted out of her deep sleep in cold sweats.
"Sssh. It's ok sweetie, I'm here." A soft voice said. It took her eyes some time to adjust to her surroundings. Sitting by her bedside was a familiar face. The pure white lab coat seemed to shine amongst the dark that engulfed the room. Dr. Carla Sanchez took the little girl's hands and cupped them. The girl shivered at her cold touch.
"Are you having the same nightmares, Number 7?" Carla said. The little girl drew back her hand and clutched tightly at the bedsheet.
Wide eyed and frightened for what's to come, she shook her head 'No'.
"Are you sure?" Carla said in a sing-song tone.
The little girl shook her head 'Yes' frantically.
"I told you not to lie, Number 7." Carla reached for a syringe she had placed on the table.
"No!!! Leave me alone!! I'm ok!!" The little girl screamed from the top off her lungs, even though she knew no one would hear. She kicked furiously in the doctor's direction.
However Dr. Sanchez managed to pin her down and quickly administer the drug. The little girl calmed down almost immediately, muttering to herself.
"I'm ok. I'm ok now. I'm.. "
Dr. Sanchez patted her softly on the head and whispered, "You have to keep pretending you still need treatment with me. Just for a few more days. You must endure the pain. Then I can get you out of here. Do you hear me?"
Number 7 nodded her head 'Yes'.
"Good girl."
The figure infront of her now started to fade and she closed her eyes as she felt the familiar heaviness dawn on her.

"Wake the fuck up, brat!" A man dressed in all white shouted as he slammed the door and entered the dark room. When he flipped the switch, he was greeted by a empty well made bed. Williams looked at it in utter confusion then that confusion turned into anger. Grabbing his IPhone, he stepped back out of the room and walked briskly down the dimly lit hall. He dialed a number and only had to wait two rings before getting through.
"Explain to me why Number 7 is missing?" Williams said, trying to hide the seething anger in his voice.
"Apparently someone wanted to adopt her. The Director himself signed the release documents. Whoever it is must be rich and influential to get that-"
"How long ago was this?" Williams interrupted, clearly not interested.
"Two hours ago, Sir."
"Shit." Williams thought, " they probably left the country already for all I know.
"Sir?" The person on the other end said worryingly.
Williams ended the call and went to his office to send a private encrypted email to several individuals.
"Bad news. Your favourite subject was sold off. The others are ready and waiting." It read.
"I can't believe that old geezer would give her away like that. Thats so unlike him. Way to fuck up my plans." Williams brainstormed. He stared back at the email.
"I hope they satisfy with the rest. Sick fucks." He thought. Although Number 7 was a failed patient in the project, he kept her alive because she was useful in another aspect.
There were some sick people in this world. Sicker than him. And most were in the public eye so to speak. Subproject 68 was in it's second year and the secret government funding it received was already low. To make it worst, he had more failed experiments than real results. In a desperate attempt to get money, Williams pleaded to some government officials and was surprised with what they requested in return. They requested subjects around the age 8-12. No older. William saw where this was going and without hesitation he obliged. Several high ranking government officials had their way with the children of their choosing. One of them being the most popular, Number 7. William's wild card . And now she's gone.

"Where are they taking me?" The little girl thought. Her head swam from being drugged out for two years. Her thin legs could barely carry her. The lady by her side helped her out of the facility by a secluded and highly vegetated back exit. The walk wasn't long. There was a sleek town car waiting for them. Carla looked down and smiled a genuine smile and for the first time the little girl felt warmth. A man she recognised but was not familiar with didn't even look at her as they walked alongside each other. Carla and the little girl got in the car but the man just stood there looking back at the building. The little girl saw resentment in his look.
"Robert, let's go quickly in case he shows up." Carla motioned to him eagerly.
The man sighed and got in the car. As they exited the back entrance and pulled out on the main street, they passed the huge gothic gates at the front of the building . There was a sign that said 'Dillan Memorial Institute. Montreal, Canada'. The little girl planted that sign in her memory. She planned to visit again. They rolled down a small, narrow hill into a lovely looking town. She thought they would stop here, but they stopped at the US/Canadian border. She looked at Dr. Sanchez with confusion. Dr. Sanchez smiled and said, "This is your new home, Seraphina."

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