Chapter 6: Old legends

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As Noòx's ship jumped out of hyperspace, he looked upon Odessen, a place that had been his base of operations for many years and home of what was once the Eternal Alliance. He slowly maneuvered the ship into orbit and eventually landed it on its designated landing zone. When Noòx stepped out of his ship he was faced by his two most valuable allies and advisors. "Theron. Lana. I guess there is a lot of work to do." said Noòx. "Indeed there is, you shoved quite a lot of it onto us, now it's your turn" said Theron. "Putting that aside for now, was your mission successful?" asked Lana. "It was, now let's get to work" said Noòx as he started walking towards the base. "First of all, the Chips Ascendancy is willing to ally itself with the Empire, as long as it is protected by us" said Lana. "Naturally, I was already expecting this. Send part of the Eternal Fleet to protect the Ascendancy's territory." said Noòx, and Lana nodded in response. "Several Jedi and former Republic Soldiers have requested an audience with you, most likely it's about them being a part of the new Empire" said Theron. "Tell then to come to my office later, I'll gladly hear them out." said Noòx, at this point he had reached the elevator and activated it. "There is also the matter of the command structure, more importantly what will happen to the 4 division leaders from the Alliance?" asked Lana. "Don't worry, I've already thought of something for them. Now I must know, how many soldiers will we have following the military draft and how long will it take until they are ready for combat?" said Noòx. "As of now? There are about 1 million soldiers in training, it will take about a month for the first few divisions to be formed" said Theron. "A month? Perfect, what about the Knights of Zakuul?" asked Noòx. "Most of them have decided to join the Empire and become Sith, those that have not declared that they are still willing to serve but wish to protect Zakuul." said Theron. "Good, in a months time we can return to the Galaxy's main stage, and declare that we have returned once more!" said Noòx as the trio had arrived at the War Room. "Gather the division commanders immediately, I wish to speak with them." Noòx said as he pointed to one of the soldiers. Soon after the 4 division commanders of the Alliance had gathered in the War Room. "Hylo Visz, Commander of Alliance Intelligence. A female mirialan that was formerly a smuggler. Famous for breaking through the Mandalorian Blockade" Noòx thought as he looked at the woman. "Doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb, a purple skinned Hutt with white tattoos and oranges eyes. Commander of the Alliance Science Department and the only Hutt I will ever trust" Noòx thought as he looked at the Hutt. "Admiral Bey'wan Aygo. Commander of the Alliance Military. A brown colored Bothan with blue eyes. Despite us having fought against each other before, he has proven himself quite loyal" thought Noòx as he looked upon the Bothan. "Sana-Rae, a female Voss Mystic and Commander of the Force Enclave. If I intend to make the Jedi from the Alliance join us in our fight, she is our key" Noòx thought as he looked upon the Voss. "Ladies, Gentleman, Hutt. I'm glad the four of you could gather here so quickly. With the reformation of the Eternal Alliance into the New Sith Empire problems have undoubtedly popped up. With this reformation we must consider what we will do next, so I come her to you bearing an offer" said Noòx. "What kind of offer, Commander?" asked Hylo Visz. "The offer depends on the person, for you? My offer is that you and the rest of Alliance Intelligence will reform into Sith Intelligence. You'll be second in command and acting commander until a commander has been decided" said Noòx after which he turned to Oggurobb. "My offer for you Doctor, is that you become the head of Imperial Technologies and Biotic Science" said Noòx as he turned to Bey'wan. "I also have an offer for you Admiral, however I have gotten word of multitude of Jedi and former Republic Soldiers asking for an audience. Come to my office later to hear my offer" said Noòx as he turned to Sana-Rae. "Sana-Rae, my offer to you is quite simple. In the coming month and beyond you might see a change in the nature of some of the Force users, others will remain as they were, others will change yet stay the same. I will not ask you to become a Sith, or to fight. All I ask of you is to help me in ensuring the cooperation between the Force users" said Noòx as he then took a step back and asked "So, what do you say?". "Well, most of my contacts are gone, and if there is a steady pay coming in for our services I am in" said Hylo Visz. "When it comes to science I am ever so curious, to be able to lead two divisions I will gladly accept this position" said Oggurobb. Bey'wan Aygo simply staid quiet as his offer would come later. "We must meditate on this, but I have seen the Force favor you in the past, my Lord, I expect it will do it again" said Sana-Rae. "Good, then you are dismissed. I best get ready, only a month left!" said Noòx. After the Division Commanders had left, Noòx headed to his office while accompanied by both Theron and Lana. Once inside his office he sat down behind his desk while Lana and Theron remained in front of it. "So, are you going to tell us more about your mission?" asked Theron after a short silence. "Let's just say that we have gained new allies" said Noòx. "That's it?" asked Theron, "Well, Khem Val has returned to my services and is currently keeping an eye on our new allies, to ensure their loyalty. But besides that? Nothing really of interest despite the Republic Chancellor being a Sith Lord who could most likely take control of the Galaxy within a single day if he had to." said Noòx. "The Republic really declines after I left. Tell me, is there no way we can have him join us, prevent a war?" asked Theron. "Theron, I know we don't always see eye to eye, but you are a good friend. Trust me when I tell you that it cannot be done. He is in a position of power, why would he give that power up just because some ancient Sith tells him to do so?" said Noòx. "Logically speaking, Noòx is right" said Lana. "You want to talk about logic, well I'm here with two Sith as my best friends? How is that for logic? All I want to do is to prevent the death of millions of innocent people, I want to prevent another Ziost" said Theron. "THERON SHAN!" shouted Noòx as his voice echoed through the chamber. He stood up and walked right to Theron and looked him in the face. "Look at me! Do you really think I would do something like Ziost? Do you think I'm another Valkorion? Do you think I would kill every single living thing on a planet only for power? Don't you dare to compare me to that monster!" said Noòx, even with his mask on you could see his anger. "Right, I apologize. It was never my intention to offend you." said Theron. "Leave, I must be alone for now. Send the Jedi in after an hour" said Noòx as he turned his back towards Theron. The two advisors then bowed respectfully and left the room. Noòx was still able to hear Lana angrily say "Don't you dare to ever do that again" before they went out of earshot. Noòx then knelt down and began to meditate.

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