Tired, Grumpy and Unfocused- Merome

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Jerome's P.O.V.

"Mitch!" I yelled up the stairs, trying to hurry him up.

"What!" I sighed, knowing he'd probably completely forgotten.

"Come on! We were meant to leave 15 minutes ago!" I heard a long and drawn out sigh from upstairs before footsteps started clattering down them and Mitch's head appeared around the doorway, black bags underneath his eyes.

He rubbed his eyes tiredly and I heard a tiny whimper before he started to fall forwards and I ran forward to catch him, resting his head on my shoulder. I saw him close his eyes, tiny noises of discomfort and tiredness emitting from his mouth.

"I'm guessing you're tired?" Even in his exhausted state he managed to let out a sarcastic snort, moving to rest his arms on the tops of my shoulder and sighed, allowing me to draw little cirlces across his back for some sort of comfort. "Do you want to go up to bed? I can text the boys and we can miss dinner..." He nodded, squirming around so his legs were resting on my lap.

I swung my arms around so they were underneath his legs and then picked him up, hauling him back up the stairs and then onto his bed, which was already made and indicated to me that he hadn't slept. Mitch yawned again, rolling his head over my shoulder and then laid his head on my chest, closing his eyes again.

Once I was sure he was asleep, maybe 5 to 10 minutes later, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone and clicked on Lachlan's contact number. He was the only one who was likely to pick up the phone, Preston and Rob to busy making out and Vikk probably didn't have his phone, Lachlan trying to spend quality time with him.

"Hello?" I grinned at the sound of the Australian accent.

"Hey Lachy, we won't be able to make it tonight." I kept my voice low, running my free hand through the sleeping boy's hair and trailing my finger around his lower back.

"Did Mitch fall asleep?" I nodded before I realised that he couldn't see me.

"Yeah, he pulled an all nighter yesterday and literally passed out 5 minutes ago. He's not in any state to go out." I heard a giggle and then another voice on the other side of the phone, probably Vikk. Lachlan replied to whoever it was, repeating the same information I had given him.

"Can we come over after we've eaten then? Everyone is pretty tired." I laughed quietly, looking down at the brunette and his closed lashes.

"Yeah why not, I kinda want to sleep too, just try and be quiet when you come in okay."

"Will do, see ya later Jerome." The call ended and I placed the phone down, continuing to run my hand through his hair and yawning myself, closing my eyes.


"Mitch? Jerome?" The voice was quiet and I felt the bed dip a little bit as someone sat on it and I opened my eyes.

"Hmmm?" When my eyes focused I saw the blue eyes of Lachlan and right behind him the brown eyes of Vikk, leaning up against Lachlan and smiling at me over said persons shoulder.

"We're here dude, you need to wake up." I shook the sleepiness from my system, making sure not to move to much.

"Jesus, how long has it been since the call?" Lachlan quickly checked his phone, the light making me cringe.

"Um like three hours?" I groaned, attempting to twist under Mitch's weight without waking him but failing as he started to shift and then open his eyes. They flickered for a few seconds before opening again, this time looking directly at Lachlan and Vikk and smiling a tiny bit before he leaned back into me.

"I'm awake now, leave me alone." I knew at once that he was still tired but I poked him in the back.

"Come on, you can sleep on the couch okay?" I heard him curse under his breath before he reluctantly agreed, sliding off the bed and onto the floor, almost crushing Vikk who was below him.

"Mitch can you get off please?" I could just see Vikk's head around Mitch but he still didn't move and it wasn't until Vikk started pushing against his back in a little bit of a panic did he move.

"Come on grumpy." I took his hand and pulled him down the stairs only to be attacked with hugs from both Preston and Rob, who had been standing at the bottom of the stairs and then Vikk jumped on my back, making me grin. At least I had someone who was grumpy and tired.

With Vikk on my back and his legs wrapped around my stomach I dragged Mitch out into the living room, collapsing onto the couch with Vikk on top of me and Mitch tucked in beside me. I knew he wasn't in any mood for fun so once Vikk pulled himself off me I grabbed the huge blanket that always hung over the top of the couch and tucked it around him.

The other 4 boys had soon settled themselves on the other couches in the room, chattering happily and pulling out the blankets that lay in the corner, finally settling down after a couple of minutes. Mitch was almost asleep again, his mind blocking out all of the other noise.

"Jerome?" I looked up, it was Preston who was speaking from underneath Rob's arm, where he was being squashed.


"Can I sleep yet?"

"Yes? I'm not stopping you?" I frowned, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

"Rob said I couldn't." I then glared at Rob, who was lying on top of Preston and motioned for Preston to come and lie with Mitch and I if he wanted too. When Preston did stand up Rob started whining and tried to pull him back, and eventually he did, settling down with his head resting on Rob's back.

Vikk and Lachlan were curled up together and the only reason I could tell whose arms and legs were whose was because of Vikk slighter smaller body and darker skin. Both of their eyes were closed and both of their heads were resting together, noses almost touching in sleep and feet exposed at the end of the blanket.

Mitch gently nosed my hair and blinked at me, his eyes looking at me for a few seconds before they closed again, his head falling onto my chest. One of his hands was resting on my hip and I squeezed it, wriggling around for a couple of seconds before settling down again, but not before kissing Mitch on his forehead.

"Night guys."

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