Chapter 44

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I'm numb, my entire body is numb. I can't move, can't think, I can barely breath. Jason and the guard let go of me. As soon as he let go I fell to the floor motion less. "Unchain her." Jason said from behind me. I heard him zip his pants and move away from me. The guard moved towards me and unchained me. Unmoving I ran my fingers across the scrapes on my arms.

"You have ten minutes to say goodbye." I heard Jason say before both he and the guard slipped from the room. They closed the door behind them and the click of the lock echoed through the room.

Letting out a groan I sat up slowly and and saw Azreal handing from his arms still. Pulling myself up I crawled towards him across the cold stone floor. I reached him at last and pushed myself up onto my kenes.

"Azreal" I whispered cupping my hands around his face. His head was bent and turned away from me. I knelt before him ignoring the pool of blood my knees were now soaking in. I pushed his head up to look at me. As soon as I saw his face my heart dropped when I saw the tears and anguish filled in his eyes.

Our eyes locked and I watched as a tear fell down his face. Leaning forwards I pressed my head against his forehead. "I love you Azz it's gonna be okay I promise." I said my voice dry and chocked. "No I won't let you do this." Azreal said his voice weak and full of pain.

"You have to get help. I will be okay. Your too injured, please Azreal you have to promise me you will go home. Our pack needs you. " I whispered leaning in and kissing his forehead.

He pushed his face into my neck where my mark was. I felt him push forward as if he was trying to hug me. I reached my arms around his head making sure not to touch his back. He pressed himself against me as he breathed onto me. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to put his sent over Jasons. I just pushed myself harder against him wanting his sent to envelop me. I never wanted to let him go, but I have to do what is right for my pack and most importantly Azreal.

"I love you so much Azreal. I promise someday we will be together again." I said tears running down my cheeks my throat going dry. Every word made me feel like I was drowning.

"Please Evekyn I need you. Your all I have, I can't loose you please." He said lifting his head up and kissing me softly.

I reached up and caressed his check with my hand. " You could never loose me. I am apart of you just as you are of me. Together we make a whole, your the light to my darkness, my equal and my soak mate. There is nothing on this world or the next that could ever end that." I said kissing his cheeks, eyes, nose, spreading kisses all over him trying to memorize him.

" Funny I always thought you were my light." He said with a small grin his eyes shinning. Leaning in I kissed him hard tears running down both our faces.

With a bang the door slammed open and guards came matching in. I was quickly yanked away from Azreal and throw across the room as they freed him from his chains. Four men surrounded him and pulled him away from me towards the door.

"Evelyn!" He growled trying to pull away from them but he was too weak to do anything. I watched as they dragged my mate out of the cold dark room. With a slam the door was closed and locked. Leaving me naked and alone in the dark cell.




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