Chapter 1

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This is my first neglected story

It was a normal day for the rose and Branwen family, but  not for one child  his an 8 year old boy by the name Ash rose and  his life is cruel and sad , he been neglected from his family sense he was 4, right now he was in the attic looking at the "family " training,

"Why  do they hate me"
Ash asked himself before looking at the wall with a drawing of a angel with a big V on the middle of his head
"I'll be stronger than them "
Ash said to himself. As the door to the attic burst opens to show his "sisters" ruby rose and yang xiao long

"Hey loser look what we got "
Yang said asshe and ruby pull out a wooden Sythe that was black and red and two bracelets that turn into gauntlets

"That's cool guys "
Ash said in a heartless tone, then yang punches him in the face making him fall to the ground

"Don't talk back to us with that tone freak"
Yang said while ruby laughs as she leaves, ruby was about to leave but she turns looking  back at ash
"Bye loser "
Ruby said as she follows yang out of the attic

Ash slowly gets up and holds his the side of his face
"One day I'll be the best hunter of all remnant
Ash thought as he stands up and lays on his "bed" which was a sleeping bag and a blanket

(Time skip)

Ash waken up do to someone kicking him

"Wake up you worthless child "
That voice belonged to tai yang his "father"

Ash holds his side as he gets up
"Yes father"
Ash said as he looks at him

"Don't talk back to me brat "
Tai yang yelled at ash,then he grabs ash's hair and drags him down stairs

"Why are u doing this !?"
Ash yells out in pain

Tai walks past the living room where the rest of the family was at while dragging ash

The rest of the family looks at ash in shame

"What a loser , I wish I never given birth to a failure, your a disappointment, that's what u get, "
Yang ,raven,qrow, summer,and ruby said to ash as tai threw him out of the house

"Stay out here and think of what u done and no dinner for u!"
Tai yelled then slams the door infront of ash's face

Ash slowly gets up and looks at the house with rage
" I'm done I have given them chances but this is the last straw!"
Ash thought as he turns around and walks into the forest

( a small Time skip)

Ash walks through the forest and stumbled apon a ruined village
"Well this place looks like a good place to stay"
Ash said to himself as he walks into the village and finds a house that was not destroyed,ash opens the door and walks inside
"This place will have to do"
Ash said as he looks around to find some clothes that fit him and some food
"Okay now that I have a place to stay and some supplies I guess I'll have to figure out what to do now ?"
Ash said as he thinks

Meanwhile at rose family

Summer figured that Ash had enough time out there and she opens the door
"You thought about what you did yet"
Tai said but there was just silence urge wind blowing
"On out you brat!"
Summer yelled out as she waits to come out , still there is just no movement and more silence ,summer starts to look around for Ash looking in the shed and bushes but nothing
"Come on son come out now "
Summer said now getting worried ,there was still nothing she quickly runs back inside and tells the others

"Ash isn't outside!"
Summer yells to them

"What do you mean not out there summer?!"
Raven and qrow asked her

"I mean he's not there he's gone !"
Summer said as she beings to cry
"My baby boy is gone !"

The rest of the family were saddened by this and remembers what they did to Ash ,ruby and yang cried there eyes out while tai tries to comfort them and summer ,raven looked down as tears fall down her face,qrow didn't say anything he just took a drink of his flask , they all thought the same thing

........ what have we done 


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