Best Part (Part 13)

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Sleep. It was a beautiful thing and both myself and Kendall loved sleep, but once you have a baby....sleep isn't a option anymore. We heard the monitor and then a cry erupt from it making us both groan. I opened my eyes a little and kissed Kendall's head.

Y/n:"Sleep baby, I got it"I said making her nod and go back to sleep. I got up from bed and made my way to Scarletts room to see her crying making me pick her up"Why is Mamas princess crying?"I asked making her cries quite down a little.

I kept on making small talk with her while making a bottle and swaying a little thanking the gods that she quited down. I sat on the chair we had in the room and gave her, her bottle making her look at me and start drinking. I looked at her now peaceful state and laughed shaking my head a little.

Y/n:"I see you get upset to when you dont eat"I said as her brown eyes studied me"Just like your mommy"I said chuckling a little as she drank her bottle.

Once she finished the bottle I kept her up a little until I heard her burp  and then sat down with her on the chair. I started singing to her making her look at me for a while until her eyes began to get heavy. I smiled once her eyes were closed making me get up and keep her in my arms a little longer before I put her down.

Kendall:"You're so good with her"I heard her sweet voice say making me turn around and smile at her.

Y/n:"I thought you were asleep"I said as she walked up to me and pecked my lips making a smile appear on my lips.

Kendall:"I couldn't sleep without you"She said making me chuckle a little. We both looked over at the cot and saw Scarlett sleeping peacefully.

Y/n:"I never thought I could love someone so much"I mumbled making her hum in response"Besides you of course"I said making her giggle and look at me.

Kendall:"Come on, lets get some sleep"She said making me nod and follow her. Once we got into bed we cuddled up and looked at the ceiling"Raising a baby isn't easy"She mumbled making me nod and kiss her head.

Y/n:"I know, but we'll make it work"I said making her smile and kiss my lips.

Three months later....

Scarlett Jenner-Y/l/n was a handful, but she was just to adorable. Everyone in our families were over anytime they were free which we didn't mind cause it gave us some time to just de-stress and sit back for a while. The last three months were going well and we were happy about it.

She got all her shots and her health is good so some stress was relieved about that aspect, but our jobs were a bit demanding. People wanted to book us and all those things but we couldn't. Our child is our first priority right now and as much as we both love our jobs, we love Scarlett more.

Our sleepless nights were still there, but what I discovered about our daughter is that she likes drives....especially drives that are three o clock in the morning....

Much like now.

Kendall:"I got her"She mumbled making me get up as well"What are you doing?"She asked confused as she slipped on my hoodie.

Y/n:"You go, I go. Its simple babe"I said slipping my joggers on making her smile. We walked into the babies room and looked at her making a smile instantly break out onto our faces.

Kendall:"So much for being mad at you"She said picking her up making me nod and chuckle a little.

Y/n:"Come on, lets change you before we go out or else you'll be even more grumpy and end up like Mommy when she's hungry"I said making Kendall hit my arm a little while I faked hurt and pouted at her.

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