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@harrystyles: This is my best friend. This is my one true love. This is my everything.
He is strong. He is kind. He is everything good in this cruel, cruel world.
But he's hurting.
The hate surrounding us and our situation right now is unbearable. Hatred so harsh and passionate...I suppose I was too naïve to realize such fiery disgust existed.
I thought people were going to accept us, accept this that we are. I thought wrong. The words you speak, they sting. We can barely go out in public anymore without a complete stranger hissing at us to get a room, or a restaurant without the waiter awkwardly staring at us holding hands while he's supposed to be taking our order.
We're not going to change to please you.
And this isn't a post to earn pity or sympathetic comments. This was meant for recognition. Hopefully, the haters realize what they've done, the pain they've caused. If they change their perspective, that's great. If they choose to stick with believing that we are so-called, "fags," let them be. Because no admirers of mine will ever be able to call themselves true fans if they don't accept all of me.
Louis is my other half. He is a part of me.
Accept all of me, or accept none of me.

@larryisbae83: I'm crying😩😭💙

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