2| Leave me alone

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-a few days later- 

Addison pov:

I woke up clutching the photo of Daddy, I read the clock on my wall it said 7:54am, daddy taught me how to read a clock a few weeks ago. I couldn't hear mummy talking so I decided that I'd try and get something to eat. I snuck into the kitchen, my heart was racing so fast. I slipped my hand into the pantry, my hand gripped a bag of chips and from the fridge I got a juice box. I quickly and quietly walked back to my bedroom and ate some of the chips. I'm saving the other chips for when I get hungry later, the apple juice that I got tasted so good. I hid the chips behind my nightstand so that mummy wouldn't hurt me for eating. 

When I could hear mummy walking to my door, anxiety grew and grew until she busted open the door, crying, and holding one of daddies leather belts. I acted like she wasn't there cause if I did she'd hit me, but if I didn't she might hit me. I continued playing with a barbie looking out at the city. 

"Addison" She said sounding mad 

"Yes" I said still looking out at the window

"Look at me when I speak" She said grabbing my shoulder 

"Leave me alone." I said moving my shoulder from her and turning back to the window

"That's not how you speak to me" She said now sounding very angry 

She grabbed me by my hair and yelled at me even louder this time "Do you understand?!"

I didn't say anything, I understood but I'm not letting her win this war. 

"ADDISON GRACE PORTER," she yelled "ANSWER ME" the belt slapped my back and wrapped around to my tummy

I didn't cry cause I knew that daddy would want me to be strong

"Jesus Chirst, how does your dad ever put up with you"

"Little shithead"She mumbled under her breath hitting me with the belt over and over

"Your dad doesn't even love you" She said hitting me with the belt again

I started whimpering cause it hurt so bad, I screamed as loud as a possibly could hoping maybe one of the neighbours would hear

"Shut the hell up... nobody's going hear you" She said getting really close to my face and using her hand to push me into the wall

My head hurt so bad, my back was bleeding through my shirt and my stomach was starting to bleed, it was a bright pink colour. When I hit the wall I also hit my night stand creating another gash this time in my scalp.

I used an old shirt that didn't fit me to clean up some of the blood, I remember daddy told me to put pressure on something bleeding so thats what I did, I pressed the shirt against my back for a few minuets then put it on my head, it didn't completely stop the bleeding but it at least slowed down. I understood why mummy yelled at me, I was totally out of line I deserved it. I guess I should apologize, I went to the kitchen to see if mummy was there and she wasn't, she also wasn't in the living room so I decided to check her and daddies room, I didn't think that she was in there but I looked in the washroom and it looks like mummy fell asleep in the bathtub 

"Mummy?" I said pulling the shower curtain back

I could see that blood was coming from her wrists and a sharp silver thingy was in her hand

"Mummy!" I yelled and she didn't even flinch she wasn't breathing either

"Mum!" I yelled one more time 

It took me a minuet to process what this means, she's not opening her eyes or breathing, she has blood on her wrists. Oh my god, I started crying and quickly ran to my room. This is the time I could use to escape mummy, my clothes are too high up for me to reach and my coat was at the top of my closet. 

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