Chapter four: Jealously

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I pull my camel shaded coat over my grey knitted jumper and black skinny jeans as I walk through the doors of the restaurant to meet Emeraude and Alisha. I notice them almost immediately sitting in the near back, I stroll over and stop dead in my tracks as I see that Dominic is also sitting there with them - and with another young woman.

"Hey Kat! Dom came at the last minute, come sit next to me" Emeraude says so I sit down cautiously

"Who's this" I ask nodding in her direction

"Oh hi. I'm Olivia" She says cheerfully "Dom's date" 

I smile at her "Dom didn't tell me he had a girlfriend" 

"We aren't official" Dominic responds 

The waiter comes to our table "Can I get you any drinks to start with?" 

I don't hesitate "A long island iced tea, don't go easy on the alcohol"

The waiter nods and writes it down, Dom orders a beer and the others get soda.

"So Olivia, what do you do for a living?" I ask

Olivia opens her mouth to answer when I interrupt 

"Let me guess, model, hair stylist?" 

She laughs, "Fashion stylist actually" 

"So who have you styled recently?" I question

The waiter gives our drinks I take a long massive sip

"Jennifer Lawrence for the golden globes, it was great" Olivia says

I place my drink down "I was not a fan of her dress to be honest" 

That's when Alisha kicks me under the table, I can tell that they all look uncomfortable. For the rest of the night I ignored Olivia completely, every second she talked I wanted to tug her blonde hair out of her head. By the end of the dinner I had consumed three long island iced teas. 

"I gotta admit Dom, that was quick" I laugh 

He raises an eyebrow "What was?" 

"Moving on From Sarah of course silly" 

Dom sighs and grabs my arm pulling me outside

"What's your problem Kat?" He asks

"I don't know what you mean" I reply  

"Being passive aggressive towards Olivia and then drinking, this isn't like you" 

"Well you were upset about Sarah only a few days ago and now you're with her" 

He shakes his head in frustration "I don't want to talk about this, come on Kat I'll take you home" he tries to grab my hand but I pull it away from him aggressively.

"Just like you don't want to talk about when you KISSED me?! Or the moment we had in the training room?! Do you want to talk about anything? Or are you just going to pretend that never happened?" I snap finally letting it out

"Kat" He looks down defeated "It meant nothing" 

I blink back the tears in my eyes "Of course not, I'm just being dumb" 

"Don't be like that" He says

"Save it, I'm leaving" 

I march back into the restaurant and grab my bag, I say goodbye to Emeraude and Alisha. 

"What happened?" Emeraude asks worried

"I'm not feeling well, I'll see you tomorrow" I reply and hug her.

I don't say anything else to Dom or Olivia, instead I jump in a taxi. I wipe my tears with my sleeve. I was confused, upset and angry. I hated feeling like this, I just messed everything up, my chest felt heavy. The cab drives up to an apartment block, and I walk up three sets of stairs, I knock on the door. He opens it.  

"Kat, what are you doing here? Are you okay?" He asks

I don't say anything, everything in this moment builds up and I lean forward fast and kiss him. Here I am kissing Will whilst thinking about Dom.

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