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Guanlin's POV :
I woke up from my dream, sweating. "W-What the hell was that?" I mumbled to myself, I suddenly hear someone groan.

"Why are you awake?" Jinyoung asked me, I shook my head.

Why the hell does that scene look so familiar.


Flashback : (still gl's pov)
We returned to Taipei, I already missed Y/n's prescence. My mother suddenly noticed me, "It'll be fine. We'll return to Korea as soon as we can." I nodded.


A few years came by, and we still haven't returned to Korea. I kept on insisting that we should go back, but my mother just shrugged me off.

We were on our car, going to the mall to buy miscellaneous things for our house. The driver and my mom were talking to each other, while I was just staying silent on the other side.

"I know, but we could've—" the driver was cut off as our car suddenly collided with another one.

I woke up at the sound of a beeping machine beside me.

"Where am I?"

"Guanlin! My child, you're awake!" The woman in front of me said, I squinted my eyes, staring at her.

"Who are you?" I asked her, the sign of happiness on her face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a look of sadness.

"G-Guanlin, can't you remember? I'm your mother?"

"M-Mother? Y-You're my mom?"

She nodded, tears brimmed in her eyes. "I-I don't remember."

"Do you remember Y/n?"



Guanlin's POV :
I was walking along the sidewalks alone, since the others already left me.

"Guanlin!" Someone called for my attention, I turned around to see Sohye, Sejeong's friend, running towards me.

"What is it?"

"It's about Y/n."

My eyes suddenly lit up as she mentioned her name, "Go on."


Y/n's POV :
You sat on your usual seat, writing on your notes. Should you do it? Or not? You thought to yourself.

Someone suddenly sat down beside you, it was Eunbi.


"I heard something."


"From Jaehwan."

You sighed, "What is it now?"

"You and Jihoon are dating?"

"No!" You yelled defensively, gaining attention from the others.

"What are you two talking about?" Jisung asked, "None of your business—"

"About Jihoon and Y/n."

The whole class' attention turned to you.

"Y/n and Jihoon are together?"

"I knew it!"

"I told you!"

"I knew they'll date each other some day!"

You were blushing madly, Guanlin suddenly arrived, looking sleepless.

"Are you okay?"

Sejeong asked him, worried. "I'm fine." Guanlin gave her a half-hearted smile.

Guanlin suddenly noticed that Eunbi was on his seat, his eyes squinted at her. "That's my seat."

"Why? Can't I just sit down for a bit?—"

"No. Go to your own seat, that's mine." Guanlin harshly said, "Can't you calm down?" Daehwi asked him, glaring at the tall boy.

"Can't you shut up?" Guanlin responded, a cold gaze on his eyes.

Daehwi's jaw dropped, "Guanlin, what the hell happened to you?" Daniel asked him, "I don't know, what about you? What the hell happened to you?"

Your eyes suddenly drifted to Sejeong and Sohye who stood beside Guanlin, a knowing smirk on their lips.

They're the one behind all of this.

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