chapter 2

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Rosie pov:

His dark grey eyes held my green ones in captive before I could react he leaned again placing his warm lips on mine. He kissed me again slow and passionate that I almost felt loved. He backed away slowly taking my hand in his dragging me with him towards the exit. The happy crowd suddenly became silent as they saw him dragging me. Even the king stood out of the way not saying a word. I tired removing my hand from his firm hold.

"Wait, let me go please", I said hoping he would listen to me. Tears now streamed down my face. He tightened his hold on me and dragged towards the exit. We reached the exit i saw the carriage waiting for us

"Please, please let me say goodbye to my parents i only wish for that please I beg you," I begged him holding his hand with both of mine. I turned to see my mother struggling in my dads arms trying to reach. She was crying and shouting my name. I turned towards my husband still dragging me towards the carriage.

"Please, I beg you I will do whatever you ask for, please let me once please please", I fell on my knees sobbing harder still him holding my hand. I looked up at him pleading through my eyes. His cold dark grey eyes softened a little but before anyone could notice it was gone. I sobbed harder knowing he would've not leave me.

"Anything", he asked pulling me in standing position. I nodded slowly looking in his eyes. He left my hand and turned towards the carriage. I took my gown in my hands and ran towards my sobbing mom. We both held each other crying harder. Mom took my face in her hand kissing my whole face.

"I didn't... I didn't know about.. this otherwise I.. I would have stopped this wedding I didn't know till this morning ", she hugged me again crying softly. I didn't say anything because I had nothing to say. I don't know how much long we stood soon my father came joining with us. We held each other crying. I pulled back slowly knowing it was my time to go. I said my goodbyes to them.

"Who's my brave child", my mom asked smiling sadly. My father held my mom by her shoulder.

"Me", I whispered softly before turning around and went towards the carriage. He held the carriage door open for me I stepped inside slowly. Soon he came inside sitting next to me. I turned towards the small widow and waved at my parents. They gave a small sad smile and waved back.


Its been two hours since we left the church we were still in human kingdom. Its two days journey from human kingdom to werewolf kingdom. It took me two hours to finally realize that I'm not married to a human but the werewolf not an ordinary one but the werewolf king. That I was going to live in a land filled with werewolf.

Marrying the king means I'm the Queen now, will I be able to carry the responsibility? Will the people accept me as their Queen? A normal human without any powers. Will they hate me? Will i be serving as a slave more than Queen? All these questions made me want to cry again.

By the behavior of my husband I know just how I will be treated there. I hoped that one day we could have been a normal couple like normal husband and wife but now after seeing his cruel behavior I know I'm just a mere treaty, just a bridge for two kingdom's. Maybe he will marry anyone from his kind? why will he waste his life for a poor human like me. Why would he even make me his Queen when he has many who are more suitable and richer than me.

Its still shock for me that he is the same person who harassed me and the same person who demand the king to marry me. I quite don't understand why he choose me but i didn't dare ask him. The mighty werewolf king why marry a poor daughter like me. Thinking all about this made my head spin. Tiredness and exhaustion assaulted me at once. Before I know what was happening I blacked out.


Sound of grunt's and groan woke me up from my slumber. I slowly opened my eyes looking around i saw i was in a tent. I slowly got up from the made in bed and looked around. More shouts were heard from outside, I hesitatetly took steps towards the exit. Many soldier's were sitting around the fire watching two people wrestling with each other. I debated on going there or not. My husband was nowhere seen.

I thought to turn around and go back inside the tent maybe that's for best. As I was turning around I felt something fall on me from the tree above. I screamed pushing it off me and started running towards the soliders. I turned behind and saw a big snake following me. The soliders stood alert standing up seeing me running towards them.

"Snake, s...snake run run its coming behind me", I shouted at them to run but they stood still watching like I have grown two heads. I turned behind again and saw the big snake was just at a feet distance from me. I screamed again pushing through the soliders and ran past them .

I turned back once to see the soliders caught the snake. I stopped running and stood catching my breath. The soliders turned around to look at me. I hesitatetly took steps towards them . Two soliders were holding the heavy big snake. The snake was in green colour. Two of them went to dispose the snake.

"Luna", everyone bowed at me. Being shocked is the least word to describe this situation. For two minutes I stood staring at them shocked. They were still in the bowed position. I cleared my throat hoping they understand but still remained in same position.

"", I stuttered awkwardly not knowing what to say. Slowly everyone lifted their heads and looked at me. I smiled at them which they returned. We stood like that i don't know for how long, me looking at the soliders and they looking at me. A slow smile formed on their faces which soon turned into a grin. Soon we were laughing a full blown laugh clutching our stomach. I fell on my butt still laughing harder. Seeing me fall two of the soliders came to lift me up. They took hold of my shoulder and lift me up.

" That was funny", I said trying to catch my breath standing up. Everyone nodded still laughing.

"Luna, will you join us with the fire", one of the solider who was still holding me asked me. I nodded at him and we all went to sit near the fire. The soliders were funny joking with each other making me laugh. They introduce themselves to me. They were kind and humble towards me. We talked and laughed I don't know for how many hours.

" My name is not Luna, its Rosie", I said confused with them calling me luna.

"Luna means Queen in our language", said Steve who is sitting next me. Steve is the head warrior.

"Your our royal luna not just any normal luna", mark said . Mark is the warrior younger brother of royal beta. Our conversation was lead from one topic to another. Soon we were laughing and enjoying. Until.

"Can anyone say what the hell is happening here", a strong voice boomed behind us, knowing who's voice is that I'm sure I'll be doomed now.


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