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Harry's POV

I woke up from my good and long sleep. I stretched out my arms and relaxed my muscles. No surprise Louis was already up and was sitting in his bed and watching me.

I took off the blanket which was covering me. I climbed off my bed and looked at Louis whose eyes were widened and his cheeks were in the shades of pink.

Then I realized that I was wearing only boxers. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't act as if you haven't seen my like this Tomlinson!" Louis realized he was staring at me and looked away blushing more.

I went to the bathroom and took a very loooooooong shower in silence. Just the sound of the water flowing against me. I stood for a few more minutes and turned off the shower. I dried my hair and put on my clothes.

Louis tried to talk with me but I ignored him and went out of the dorm room with my bag.

I needed some fresh air so I got out of the building as soon as possible. The outside of the campus was like a green paradise. Trees danced as the wind attacked it slowly and steadily. The sky was clear with its soothing light blue shade. I sat down on the bleachers and closed my eyes and relaxed.

I frowned and opened my eyes as I heard a whine with a small sob. I turned and looked at the boy next to me whose forearm is badly injured. His hair was messy and was wearing a brown white plaid shirt which matched his warm brown eyes and worn-out jeans.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked as I took his hand slowly.

"It hurts..." He said as few tears rolled down his cheeks. His brown puppy eyes were asking for help.

I took a small box from my bag in which I'll keep some first-aid things. Then I dipped a piece of cotton in a tincture.

"It stings a bit.." I slowly cleaned up. He winced so I assured him that he's okay. Once I finished my work he gave me a smile.

"I know I reacted too much for a little hurt, anyways thank you....?" He raised his eyebrow.

"Oh.. I'm Harry Styles."

"Nice to meet you, Harry. I'm Liam Payne and I would love to shake hands with you but you know..." We both laughed. It was good to laugh for a long time. Liam is the kind of person who has positive energy with him.

We talked a bit and I came to know that his dorm room is straight opposite to mine. A message popped interrupting our conversation.

From Zee😂
Hey! Send me a picture of the campus dumbass!😆

I rolled my eyes and looked at the campus which was in front of me. I took a picture and sent it to Zayn. I kept my mobile inside my pocket and looked at Liam.

"Hey! I wanna ask you something." I nodded him to continue.

"Do you know who's Zayn Malik?" He played with his fingers quite nervous.

Why is he asking about Zayn..?

"No.. Why?" I lied to him.

"It's okay. He's my roommate and I wonder if you knew him." Liam smiled.


"I gotta go. Bye Harry!" Liam waved at me and went the other side. I waved at him with a smile.

I looked around the campus and saw a small park. I took my bag and went inside the park where kids were happily going here and there.

"Heyyyyy! Come here, buddy!" One little boy called his friend to join him. They both started to swing with the wide smile on their face

Me and Lou.

No! Stop! Not again.......

I was in Louis' house cause he has to babysit his sisters. Wonder why I'm here? He asked me too!

I was with Phoebe reading her storybook. She was hugging me like a koala bear listening to my heartbeat.

"....... Then that Princess happily lived with her family..." I finished a story as Phoebe's breathing became even and heavy. I sighed happily.

The door opened slowly and Louis peeped his head inside. As he saw Phoebe asleep he gave me a wide smile. I slowly made Phoebe lay in the bed and stood near Louis.

He kissed my cheek saying thank you and gave me a side hug.

"We're like a romantic couple watching their kid playing," I whispered. Louis giggled as I shushed him and we both got out of the room.

We both sat on the couch as the front door opened and Jay, Louis' mom, came.

"Hey boys!" Jay came and gave me a tight hug.

"Thanks, Harry!" Jay said and ruffled my hair. I blushed crimson.

"Mom, do you mind if we go to our backyard and swing?" Louis asked Jay with puppy eyes. Jay chuckled and agreed.

Louis dragged me out of his house to the backyard. He sat on the swing and nodded towards the other swing. I shook my head and scrunched my nose playfully.

"Come on, Harrah!" I laughed and sat on another swing.

"Why are you laughing?" Louis asked me puzzled. He's really cute when he's confused!

"I like the way you call me 'Harrah'." Louis blushed with a smile.

"Say something Boo! Always I'll talk and you'll listen. For a change, you talk!" He shook his head.

"I'm not a much-talking person Haz. You know that. I love listening to you." I pouted as he gave me a small laugh. My heart jumped out of happiness as he laughed and that too because of me.

"But Lou, I'll be like a mad person talking non-stop," I said. He again gave me a laugh and there were five seconds of silence between us.

"You know what Haz? You make me say things to you which I'm not even able to say it to myself." Louis confessed and started humming a song.

That time the only thing I understood is he's so special and I shouldn't leave him... Ever!

My phone started ringing bringing me back to reality.

"Hey.." I answered the call without seeing.

"Hiya..." Just by the voice, I can say who's it.

"Zayn what do want now? And why your voice is nervous?" He gave me a nervous chuckle.

"I was wondering if... you could say something.." Zayn asked me.

"Go on Zee. What do you want?"

"Who's... That plaid shirt..?" Zayn asked me, expecting me to say anything about 'that plaid shirt'

But who's that?

"About whom you're talking about?" I asked him, quite not understanding what's happening around me because of that stupid memory.


I don't know why he loses his mind often.

"Zayn calms down," I said slowly and calmly as possible. He let out a big sigh.

"I'm sorry..." Zayn said in a guilty voice as I laughed.

"Zayn you'll get what you want when you come here. And I've one surprise for you too!"

"Haz you know that I hate waiting for surprises!!" He whined like a small boy.

"And I love doing this to you!" I said hung up the call and I pouted as I saw the way to get back to my dorm room.

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