Chapter 23 - Bad Dreams

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Horror POV

~Three Days Later~

"Everything had become perfect. Nightkill had tied the knot; their wedding was next month, and they had organised something to do with murdering humans. To be honest, that much was expected from the chaotic pair. Cross had made an agreement with Cross Chara for equal rights over the body if Chara wouldn't kill anyone. Dream had recovered fully, and he had not experienced any discomfort over the soul transfer except mild nausea and occasional soul aches. Nothing a little butterscotch cinnamon pie wouldn't fix. As for Dust and I... Well, we were just.... together. We were closer then ever, but I still felt like we could take it further.

Dust yawned, resting his head on my chest. I looked at the deep blue star-speckled sky of Outertale, smiling and pulling my lover closer. He grinned, his eyes shining just as bright as the stars behind him.
"Tired, sweetheart?"
"Yeah, a little..." Dust yawned again, proving my point. I laughed.
"You can come to bed with me~"
"W-What?!" Dust's blush was at the biggest I'd ever seen it. "U-Ugh! Stop making be blush! It's embarrassing!"
I chuckled, planting a kiss on his head.
"You're so cute when you're flustered~"
"Dust, in all seriousness, you are completely aware I will not stop."
Dust groaned, burying his head in my jacket. I gripped my pocket, feeling the small box inside. I sighed in relief.
"What's that?" Dust asked suspiciously.
"U-Umm..... Nothing...."
Dust still looked suspicious, but said nothing more. Doubts flooded my mind. What if he says no? What if he really hates me? I swallowed anxiously.
"Everything alright?"
"Y-Yeah. Umm, can I take you somewhere?"
"As long as i get to sleep afterwards, sure." Dust mused, standing up, me doing the same. I gripped his hand and lead him to the special place I had picked out. I had thought for hours about where to do this, and when the perfect answer came to me I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before.
It was my sentry post.
The place we met and first fought. The place I first fell for him. I wasn't a very romantic person, and I knew Dust wasn't either, so this place would do just fine with it's snow and spindly trees. As we approached it, I saw Dust's eyes light up. Neither of us had seen the snow-covered sentry station since that day, because my sentry duties had been taken to Waterfall.
"Horror, look!"
Dust pulled me to the station, grinning. A golden flower grew out from between the wooden planks that made up the surface of my post. It's frost-chilled and delicate petals swayed in the cold wind. 
"Hey, Dust..."
"Yea?" Dust looked up at me, his eyes shining. Those eyes... I broke. I didn't deserve him... I was garbage. He was the best thing in my sick, blood-soaked life. He was perfect, and I was broken. I couldn't do this. I turned away, sighing. "Horror?" I felt Dust's hand on my shoulder. "You can tell me anything, you know that?" He said gently.
Hearing his voice, it filled me with DETERMINATION.
"Dust, umm, I've been thinking..." I turned back to him. "Well, Killer and Nightmare tied the knot, and I think maybe... we could do it too?"
Dust gasped. "W-What....?!"
"I just..." I swallowed, getting the small box out of my pocket. "You're the best thing in my life, and I want to see you every day... I want to be with you forever. I want you. I want you so bad it hurts. So... will you marry me?" I extended the box to Dust, flipping it open. An onyx ring lay inside.
Dust stared at me, his face blank.
"No." He said flatly.
"I'm too good for you. I've found someone better. Go and give that ring to someone who deserves someone like you."
I walked home crying, then I woke up." I finished, sighing.
Killer paused for a moment, taking everything in.
"Heck of a nightmare, huh?" He mused. ((HAHAHA Y'ALL THOUGHT IT WAS REAL)) "Too bad everything else can't be ask perfect as it was in the dream, though. Dream and I are still sick from sharing my soul, Cross and Cross Chara are still at war..."
"Tell me about it..." I murmured.
"Just to clarify, Dust would NEVER do that. He loves you, dude." ((Killer and Horror are my brotp)) ((the bromance is brewing))
"Maybe a little-"
Killer snorted. "Bruh. He loves you A LOT. That boi is almost as infatuated with you as I am with Nightmare. Almost." ((I'm beginning to suspect that Killer is reflecting all the shipper's thoughts am I rite))

"Heh, yeah, no one could love someone more then you love Nightmare," I agreed, scooping more Temmie Flakes into my mouth. Nightmare and Dust had gone somewhere secretively, and so me and Killer had decided to hang out. "But if I did ask, I'm not saying I will, but if I did-"
Killer smashed his fist on the table, smashing it clean in half and looked up at me with a murderous look in his eye. "FOR THE THIRD TIME TODAY, HE'D SAY HECK YES!" Killer breathed out, calming himself slightly. "That is to say, quite frankly, he'd agree." He said in a fake posh accent. I laughed.
"God, that table wasn't that tacky."
"You should have expected that and not sat with me at a table. This is the third time today."
"It's a good thing Dust has a thing for buying tables, because otherwise I'd take yours."
"No such luck. Nightmare's apartment is a table-free zone after the last 100 I wrecked. We sit on the floor instead."
"That's stupid."
Killer shrugged. "We make do. It's not as stupid as the fact you and Dust don't live together yet."
"Shut up..."
"It's true. Plus, Dust hates Dusttale. You know that. It'd make his day if you offered to live together, somewhere else."
"Yeah, I know, but my place isn't exactly paradise... And I haven't been back there for a while. I fell asleep on Dust's sofa when we hung out over the last three days. I actually haven't been to my place since-"
"Now don't you change the subject! And I have a solution to your problem! You should buy the apartment next to me and Nightmare's!"
"I thought someone lived there?"
"Don't worry. We, umm, evicted her." Killer smiled wistfully, as if remembering a good memory. "Also the price is down."
"That's because the previous owner was murdered. By you." I laughed.
"I heard she had children. They'll be devastated."
"Horror. I murdered millions. There's really no point in trying to make me feel guilty."
I laughed again. "I guess so,"
"So, will you be moving in?"
"I'll ask." I said grudgingly, knowing Killer wouldn't accept another answer. It actually isn't a bad idea. Killer squealed like a murderer when their OTP gets closer. Which was exactly what he was.
"Yaaaay! I'll also plan a wedding!!!"
"Don't push it." I growled.
"You are so childish."
"Do children murder millions?"
"Umm, I don't know,"
"You know I've murdered millions!"
"I'm not a child!" Killer was about to smash the table, but it was already smashed.
"Saying that makes you sound like a child, Killer."
"Shut up..." Killer groaned. I grinned, triumphant. I heard the door open behind me. I spun around in my seat excitedly, expecting my lover.
"Hey Dust- wait, Cross?!"
Cross stood in the hallway. He looked exhausted. Tear tracks covered his face and blood dripped from his mouth. "Help-" Whatever else he was going to say was lost forever as he collapsed on the kitchen floor.

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