"I said why?!" I raise me voice more than I want to ,Stop this " why did you change? " you did it this time

He gazes darkens and now the once leaf color eyes he had seem to be a green colored venom that people choke on to death until they can't breath , I can see his jaw tightly clenched I can make out the muscle in it as they pop out

"You know why" He says with a deep voice that makes my skin crawl and my bones rattle to the core

I feel my knees wobble and suddenly my weight seems to much as I can feel myself start to feel heavy and the pressure on my knees becomes unbearable and I know I'm almost at the verge of collapsing at this point , my breath hitches

I excepted him to grab my by my neck and choke me or hurt just in a way, but he didn't, he turns around and just walked away and out the glass doors

The close softly and I mange to breath ,hard, but I can breath

"We're best friends right?" He asked

I take a deep breath and cruse to myself for being that stupid and crossing the line
I shake the thought out of my head and walk outside slowly not wanting think about it

I walk a bit more in silence and shaken up from the events that just occurred ,I jump  when I hear the ever so clam and nice voice of Todoroki

"You okay?" I look at him and nod putting up a smile ,I instantly notice Midoriya behind him " you look like you saw a ghost " he says as his eyes narrow

"I was just told by my teacher that my grades are lowering " I lied , Todoroki nods and sighs and understands , his eyes are still glint with doubt

"As long as nothing happens to you" he says , I feel my heart thump inside my chest and I smile at the gesture of him caring at me, or pretending to care

"Why are we going today?" I ask trying to get my mind to focus on anything else

"My house" I look at Midoriya who smiles as he speaks , god his is adorable"if that's okay?" He asks , his smile fades , Jesus

I nod and we start walking to where Midoriya lives, I can't really recall where he lived even if I weren't there yesterday  , I walk beside Todoroki and Midoriya infornt of us chatting and just talking about random stuff

I really don't pay attention on it since my  attention lingers to a certain night that happened time ago, I look forward and frown to myself slightly

I guess it really was my fault

"And this are my All might sneakers" Midoriya suddenly stomp his foot on his floor and the sneakers light up "cool right?" I squealed and smiled as I nodded a bit to Egarly

"Todoroki look they light up" I squealed as I grip his arm , he gave a slight smile

"There pretty cool Midoriya " he said as Midoriya now pulled something else from his All might collection

"My pride and joy" Midoriya said as I he pulled something " all might action figure limited edition " I SCREAMED as he now held the All might limited edition and with 50 sayings in his hands, he held a grin on his face and so did the action figure

"That's amazing !" I exclaimed with joy as I admired it from a far

Midoriya was about to speak when a set of knocking cut him off , i looked over to Todoroki who shrugged his shoulders

Midoriya stood up and walked to the door with his shoes still lighting up as he made his way to the door, We were in the living room so it didn't take long for him to get to the door

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