Nothing Better than Revenge

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As I walked down the hall with Mal, I noticed Jane running towards us. She stopped in front of us, breathing heavily.

"Jane, what's wrong?" Mal asked her. Jane pointed at me while still breathing heavily.

"It's... Uma. Gil... said... something... wrong." I gave her an odd look before following Jane. She leads me to my dorm. Gil and Harry stood there at the edge of the bed. Uma laid there, curled up in a ball. This was the first time I had seen her like this. I walked over carefully and grabbed a spiny chair.

"Uma..." I pushed her teal hair out of the way to see her crying. I frowned and looked at Gil.

"What happened?"

"Well... I really don't know that much..."

"Get out." Uma said through the pillow. No one moved and I guess Uma noticed because she lifted her head to look at them. "GET OUT!!!" She screamed, I nodded my head for them to leave and they did. Uma sat up and cried on my shoulder.

"What happened, Uma?" I asked, she only cried more, I rubbed her back, trying to soothe her.

"I hate Camelot." She cried out.

"Uma, what happened?"

~» ~» ~» ~»

"Gil, what's happen'?" Harry asked once they were outside.

"I ready don't know, Uma went on this date last night, but then she came back to my dorm and started crying. That's all I know."

"Who did she go with?"

"Some guy named Lance, Coach Lancelot's son."


"Yeah, I joined archery, like Uma said." Gil grin with happiness. They heard a cough. The two pirates turned around to see Mal who had a glare on.

"First off, I knew that Harry was here in Auradon and that wasn't the best day but Willow was happy so I accepts it. Second off, you and Willow have yet to tell me what the genders of your kids will be 'cause I plan to be godmother to one of them, " Mal specifically looked at Harry. "... And third, not only is Uma here but the fact that she hasn't tried to find and cause pain towards me surprises me. Gil, what do you have to say about this?"

"Hi Mal." Gil waved at her. Harry rolled his eyes and hit Gil's shoulder. Suddenly the door up and Willow walked out with an angry look. Harry, Mal, and Gil backed up because they knew never to be within ten feet when Willow Sanderson is angry.

"Mal, can you watch over Uma for me?" Mal was about to decline but she realized that Uma was in a tough situation right now. Normally, Mal won't agree but if it was important to Willow than she had to get use to Uma.

"You owe me big time." Mal pointed out. Willow smirked before turning to look at the two pirate boys.

"Let's go, you two." Willow said before walking. Gil and Harry looked at each other before following close behind.

"Where to?" Gil asked.

"Camelot Prep."

~» ~» ~» ~»

T H E  N I G H T  B E F O R E

Uma slammed her door shut and ran to the closet, looking for something decent to wear. Across the room sat Laura playing music and finishing up homework.

"Uma, you ok?"

"I have nothing to wear!" Uma yelled, motioned to her semi-full closet. Laura stood up and walked over.

"Calm down, what's happened? Why do you need clothes?" Laura asked. Uma looked at her, couldn't help but smile.

"I'm invited to a party."

Laura sat there shocked, the fact that she didn't hear about any parties boggled her mind.

"Party? What party?"

"I don't know, Lance didn't explain."

"Lance? As in du Lac?"

"What's with all the questions?" Uma questions Laura.

"I just think you shouldn't go-- I mean-- you know that Lance and Lola are friends right?"

"So what? Whatever that prissy princess-wannabe wants to through at me, I can take it."

"I just think you shouldn't go--" Uma cut her off.

"No! I'm going and you can stop me so either help or stay out of the way." Uma said loudly, going back to look at her closet.

She picked out at least eight different outfits before deciding on one. Laura stayed out of her way as Uma got ready. Once she was finished getting ready she waited. Once Uma heard to sound of a knock on the door she went to open it. Lance stood there with flowers in hand.

"You look beautiful." He complimented. Uma grabbed the flowers and her followed Lance to his car.

"So where is this party exactly?" Uma asked, they've been driving for about twenty something odd minutes. They ended up in some dark woods. Lance didn't even answer her question until he finally stopped the car.

"You do look really beautiful tonight." Lance complimented once again, but this time it didn't feel as sweet as earlier.

"Where's the party?" Uma asked once more.

"We must be the first ones here." Lance mentioned. Uma got out of the car and looked around.

Then a twig snapped. Uma looked beyond the trees, tried to see what was there. Suddenly lights turned on, the lights were headlights of cars.

"Yay, you made it." From the darkness emerged Lola. Uma gave a confused look as to why Lola along with other people were there.

"Lola?" Uma watched as Lola gave a fake frown.

"This is to celebrate you." Lola spoke.

"Celebrate?" Uma asked. Lola smirked an evil smirk.

"What a total loser you are, and we ditch losers." Lola stepped in front of Uma with an evil smirk. "Poor Uma. What did you think? The cool kids saw something special in you and invited you to your first party. Newsflash, you're not special. Mess with the queen bee and you're gonna get stung."

"Date ditch." Two girls next to Lola said in sync.

"Party at my dorm! Lance, you can drive us." Everyone got back into their cars and left. Uma was left alone in the dark, she started breathing heavily. In the end, she had to walk alone in the dark.

~» ~» ~» ~»

The next day, Willow and Harry didn't go to any classes, how could they when they're in Camelot Prep. They stayed in a dorm in the school that Laura managed to get. Gil carried on with his class, he waited for his signal to do his part. With the help of Mal, and a lot of begging, she along with Evie, Lonnie, and Jane kept Uma in Auradon til it was time for her to come back. Obviously Willow had to stay hidden since anyone in Camelot would recognize the princess. Harry help set traps around.

This is the day of reckoning for the son of Lancelot and daughter of Guinevere...


Sorry for errors, I was in a hurry.

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