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Emani POV.

I placed all the cleaning supplies back in there designated area. I checked my phone for the time. 1:15 AM. I had finished all my assignments that I was given. I walked to the time clock and punched out for my lunch break. I walked to the elevator and stepped in. My fingers lingered. Steady unconsciously moving towards the lit up 15. While I was cleaning up I purposely avoided Jason's office, so I honestly didn't know if he was still here I was taking a chance. The bing of the elevator alerted me when it stopped on the 5th floor, where the good vending machines where. I didn't bother to really look up knowing it was probably a security guard. But when he walked past me and stepped on I instantly knew that scent. I looked into his eyes that were already staring at my face.

"Hi." I muttered.

"Hi Emani." He spoke, "Headed my way I see."

"I stepped back a little and rubbed my neck."

"Yea I have to clean up." I said laughing.

"Without any supplies?"


"Its okay, we all forget sometimes." He said winking at me.

"Yea, silly me."

"Well since you're already up here why don't you come keep me company for moments." He said stepping out the elevator.

"Sure." I said with a half smile, following him out.

Following him into his office he let me step inside and shut the office door behind him.

I walked behind his desk, sat in his chair, put my feet on the desk, and placed my hands behind my head leaning back.

"So this is what it feels like to be the boss, huh?"

He turned and studied me for a moment before busting out laughing. He sat in one of the two chairs that were in front of his desk.

"I wish."

"So what is it like to have you're own company?"

"Boring. You know sometimes I wish I was a regular person."

I nodded my head and sat up in the chair.

"Normal isn't so great either." I said avoiding eye contact.

We sat in his office for about 2 hours just talking about life. He told me about his family and about how he had recently bought a puppy names "duck" and how it was a dream of his to go to London. This is the Jason I wanted to know.
Sorry for such a short chapter but I've been writing this since January and I wanted to update for you guys❤️ thanks for all my readers I love you guys 😘


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