He's a regular Lancelot...

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"The Comedy of Errors', Miss. Sanderson?"

"What?" I questioned. Obviously, I wasn't paying attention, most I was thinking about peanut butter with a pickle or a BLT.

"The Comedy of Errors', when was it written." The English teacher asked again. I looked at my notes, not finding an answer (mostly 'cause I wasn't even taking notes in the first place). I looked back up and smiled.

"It was written... a very long time ago." I tried to pass it off, but he wasn't satisfied with my answer. "Sorry, pregnant brain, ya know. Well-- you don't since you're a man and... I'll stop talking now." I shut up, looking at blank paper in front of me.

"Ok then, anyone else?"

"1590." I looked over to Aaron, who answered the question.


"1623." He smirked.

"Very good, at least someone is paying attention." I rolled my eyes and looked back over to see Aaron wink. I stuck my tongue out and lean back on my chair.

Classes were done for the day and I've spent my time walking aimlessly around with Aaron. I needed exercise, suggested by the doctor, even though I despise exercise.

"What were you thinking about?" He asked, reminding about what happened in class.

"Nothing, just food." I answered simply. "I'll just grab something on my way to my room."

"You're not getting junk food from the vending machine, that's bad, let me take you out for lunch." He suggested.

"I don't rea--"

"I'm not taking no for an answer." Aaron pushed on. I sighed and smiled.

"Fine, but don't complain that I'm ordering too much, unless you wish to end up like Thackery Binx." I threatened.

"Noted." He held his hands up. We turned the corner and saw Harry talking to someone. That someone was a girl, dark hair, pale skin, but that was what I can only see. I watched as she held onto Harry's hands.

"Oh, hell naw." I said, about to walk over and do something I probably won't regret.

"Where do you think you're going?" Aaron grabbed a hold of my arm, gently, stopping me from possibly killing the Harry, then the girl, then Harry again.

"Just going to go over and kill Harry."

"You know, your mom did the same thing to Billy Butcherson," Aaron said as a reminder. I frowned and closed my eyes.

"What do you suppose I do then? My boyfriend is flirting," I questioned, which made Aaron smirk. "He's going back to his old ways, the dark days, the savage ways before I got to him."

"You're being overdramatic. Let him come to you." He said before grabbing the books I was holding on, grabbing onto my wrist. "Act normal."

"I am normal!" I whispered harshly before we started to walk pass Harry and the slut-- I mean girl!

"Maybe I can come over to your room again and we can study." Aaron said loud enough for Harry to hear, gave me a wink to play along. He knew Harry hated having Aaron in my room, that's why Harry spends most of his time in my room than in his.

"Sure, I'm not busy with anything important, anyways." I acted like I had forgotten that Harry and I were hanging out later. Suddenly I started feeling one of the babies kick. I held my hand to where it was and felt it.

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