Chapter #:12: USJ Part 1

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'Today Is the day' you thought to yourself

Today Is the day I go on a "Field trip"
You Continued

You then try to get up only to hit a desk above you

"What th-" You Instantly shut your mouth remembering what happened

You Facepalmed yourself

"Just Great" you say while getting up

"Just had to do something as dumb as that" you continued

You slowly walk through the hallway of your house trying not to get in trouble with you mom

You cheered a bit when you got downstairs

You walk out of your house to start your day

Abandoning everything else that you would need


Same Old thing I wake up go to UA take boring classes like Present Mic's Class then the day gets more interesting from there


Finally We Are going on that Field Trip to USJ

After getting on the bus you can't stop laughing to yourself from the site of Bakugou get bullied

The Bus stoped randomly to find ourselves at USJ Building It was quite Big

"(Y/N)!" You Look up to see Midoriya calling you

"You Know You Have to pay more attention" Midoriya teased

"I Know I Know" You replied annoyed

When You got inside You were Greeted By thirteen a alien looking guy with a gravity sucking quirk or something like that

He started demonstrating until a big giant portal opend up and a group of people walking through the portal

"Get Down" Aizawa said while pushing your head down

You Quickly realized that they were Villains

"What are we going to do" you asked Aizawa

"Are you afraid" he teased


You replied back

Then a Huge Explosion occurred
Everyone started to panic

"Calm Down" You Screamed at everyone

You heard a noise behind you when you turned around you saw a portal like being come behind everyone

"What th-" You Were Cut of as you were being teleported somewhere

Thats The End Of this Chapter
Because I Want To save the next Part For the Next Chapter

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