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Lester sat across a desk from the lawyer he settled on after much deliberation over the passed week. His nerves bristled because the decision meant he would finally learn just how fucked his life would be from here on out."

"Mr. Acker I'm afraid things really don't look very good for you." The lawyer said while shuffling through some documents on his desk. "They have substantial evidence that you've been embezzling five thousand dollars per month for the last five years. That adds up to three hundred thousand dollars. Not an insignificant amount."

"What kind of evidence?" Lester asked.

"Transactions with corporate accounts using your credentials and money transferred into accounts opened in your name mostly. It's pretty damning so I'm going to ask you this once. On the level did you steal this money?I'm going to defend you either way mind you. I just need to know whether or not I'm representing a guilty man or not."

"It wasn't me."Lester answered. "Where do they think all this money went anyway? I still live in the same crap apartment I've always lived in, I don't own a car, or anything else of real value. How do they explain that?"

"They won't have to with all the information they have on you."

"What am I looking at? I mean, worst case scenario."

"The maximum penalty for embezzlement of this scale is five years and three times the amount stolen in fines."

"Nine hundred thousand dollars in fines and five years. I can't repay that."

"That's the worst case. At the very least you'll have to pay the money back and spend a few years on probation. Maybe a little community service if they're feeling creative."

"Christ. If I work the rest of my life I'll never pay that off." Lester leaned back in his chair defeated. "Assuming I can even get a job with this on my record."

"At this point I think your best bet is to try for some sort of plea deal. Accept a lesser sentence by admitting guilt. If you like I can get in contact with the prosecutor about cutting a deal. It's probably your best bet."

Lester considered his options for a moment. Finding something to clear his name seemed entirely unattainable. He didn't even know where to stat looking. "Do it." He finally conceded.


Jackie walked into Anarchy Burger with a purpose and she found just what she sought

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Jackie walked into Anarchy Burger with a purpose and she found just what she sought. Johnny stood behind the counter with his dopey smile beaming.

"Ms. Riggs how nice of you to visit our fine establishment today."

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