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Hello! Welcome to my book I messed up on the order of the oneshots because I never thought I'd publish this but i guess did it.
Welcome to my one shot book!
I'm not the best writer so they may not be correct, and most of these are taken from my own thoughts or real experiences.

1. It's for girls only, if a male X Link is requested I will try my best :)
2. Updates will vary. Unfortunately I am in school, in a sport, and a club. On and there is homework too. I'm not that social so don't expect me to be always off doing something. So please don't pester me so much haha just kidding
3. Are always welcome but... I won't do an OC in the story because I find it's a little unfair when people want to be in the character position, sorry!
4. Lemons. I'm not sure if I'll do any I will definitely do limes though, if requested I could write one it might not be good but whatever. But if I do write a lemon I will try and post another one shot just in case people don't want a lemon.
5. Crossovers. I will not do crossovers with other fandoms this is only Link X reader.
6. I use all sorts of names and if I use your name in a bad way I'm so sorry I don't mean you it's this character I've made up in my mind.
7. If you're going to comment make sure if it is your opinion that I may have offended please don't be upset if it's my opinion that's alright but I respect yours and I don't want to pick fights with people.

And that's all the rules I could think of right now.

I always put an intro on all chapters but if I gets annoying I will take them out and the reason why I put translations at the end is because there is always new people coming in and readying X readers, and I remember when I started I had no clue what (y/n) was. I thought the main character name was not my name but a girl named y/n. I hated myself after I realized I was really stupid after reading a thirty chapter book about Link X Reader.

Please enjoy my some what decent writing.

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