chapter six

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"Whats that?" Storm leaped in the air, glaring out her wings in shock as a handsome-yet-familiar face invaded her privacy.

"Mojave! Leave me be!" She snapped, flapping her wings till she was rested on a higher perch.

Mojave landed beside her. "What is it?" He asked, folding his wings neatly beside him. "Is it a secret? I'm good at keeping secrets!"

"It's a secret that I will know, and you will not." Sniffed Storm, pulling away from him.

Mojave smiled, shoving her. "I know at least one dragon who will already know it."

Storm blinked at him. "Who?!" She asked, alarm edging her voice.

"Inkwriter of course," scoffed the SandWing. "I mean, duh, he is a mindreader, oh yeah, AND he is a seer."

Storm panicked, her heart thumping. "Do you think he already knows?" She asked him, her vision dancing.

Mojave barked a laugh. "What? He's not Clearsight, of course not! I just mean, once you read it out loud he will see it, or once you read it in your head around him." He smiled at her. "No worries."

Storm hissed at him. "Slug-face!" She spat. "Your hoping to tell him, aren't you! See, this is why you aren't going to be able to see it." She hugged it to her chest and peeled back her lips.

Mojave stared at her. "You are a cruel one, NightWing," He murmured, wrapping a wing around her. "I promise I won't tell him. On my mothers head."

Storm shuddered, imagining Moonwatcher's head on a stake. "That sounds dreadful." She muttered. "Tell me that is not a saying in the Scorpion Den."

"Okay, it is not a saying in the Scorpion Den." Said Mojave, grinning slyly at her.

Storm shoved him. "You idiot." She huffed. "That's the most brutal sounding thing I've heard since 'on my fathers tongue'."

Mojave blinked warmly at her. "I also swear on my fathers tongue not to tell what is on the scroll... if you let me see it."

Storm shook her head apologetically. "I'm sorry, Mojave. You can't. It's not you, it's just... I have to figure it out."

Mojave looked crestfallen. "Oh.. okay..." he turned his face and leaped down from the perch. "I'll stop bothering you Storm... see you in Math." He pushed open the door and left, making Storm feel terrible.

She quickly put the scrap of paper in her bag and soared down after him. "Wait!" She called. "Mojave!"

She saw more doors swing open and realized he had left, leaving Storm and the others by themselves. Storm stared quizzically at them, wondering why they were standing around, watching her.

Her gaze fell on Whirlmist, who had a distant look in his eyes. Below the crash of the seven seas.. Storm remembered from the parchment. She needed Whirlmist!

Storm darted towards him as the group headed for Math, thankfully stopping the SeaWing before he exited. "What?" Snapped Whirlmist, his eyes narrowed.

"Whirlmist, will you take me to the kingdom of the sea?" She asked, breathless.

Whirlmist scoffed, rolling his pale eyes. "And how am I supposed to smuggle a SkyWing in there? Will you grow gills?"

Storm supposed he was right, that was true, how would she get there?

"Let me figure that out." Answered Storm. "Meet me at lunch outside Arts and Crafts."

Whirlmist rolled his eyes again, but nodded. "See you there, seahorse."

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