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Lester arrived at the community center a little later than he intended so he quietly entered the gymnasium turned therapist office and took a seat in the nearest free chair that made up the circle. Looking around he saw the familiar face of the waitress who served him lunch earlier in the day. She didn't notice him or if she did showed no signs of recognition. A woman who looked like she'd barely slept in days came in a few minutes after him making far more noise than he had.

"Alright everyone I think it's safe to start now." Said an older man with a priests collar. "I see we have some new comers so I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Father Bishop. I run a local ministry as well as acting as facilitator of this group. Welcome to Victims of Wicked Men." He gestured toward Emma. "Why don't you start us off by telling us your name and what brings you here miss."

"Do I stand up for this?" Emma asked.

Father Bishop shook his head. "No, not unless you want to."

"Okay, well, my name is Emma and I'm hear because my step father is an emotional and verbal abuser."

"Hi Emma." The group said collectively once she was finished.

"We'll just go around the circle and everyone introduce yourself as well."


When Jackie arrived at the community center she expected the group to already be in full swing. To her relief it looked like people were just settling in. She took a seat in the circle making an embarrassing amount of noise. The group leader introduced himself, then had a young woman do the same.After her they continued around the circle under they reached a middle aged man who looked like he'd lost everything.

"Hello, my name is Lester. I'm here because I spent last night in jail because someone at my former employer has framed me for embezzlement."

Damn.Jackie thought. No wonder h looks like hell. She wasn't sure how a support group was going to help someone with his troubles, but everyone greeted him all the same.


Emma got to the group early and found the facilitator just setting up the last chair in a big circle. She stood outside the circle a little anxious and surveyed the room. She spotted a coffee pot and decided to help herself to a cup before taking a seat. A few more people filtered in while she got her coffee saving her from her deep desire not to be the first person to take a seat. More people trickled in while she sipped on her coffee until most of the chairs were full with butts or coats holding a place for someone. Everyone settled in when a middle aged man came in late and quietly took a seat. The father went to the coffee and started a second pot brewing. When h returned to his place in the circle he had just about opened his mouth to speak when another straggler came in making quite the ruckus and sat across from her.

"Alright everyone I think it's safe to start now." Father Bishop said and the finally began ten minutes late. He started by introducing himself and then to her horror he chose her to go next. She introduced herself as quickly and concisely as she possibly could in her awkward anxiety so they could move focus off her. When it got around to the man who came in late he introduced himself and she recognized him as a customer earlier in the day. Weird.She thought about running into him two times in a single day. Then they got to the woman sitting opposite her who came in making all kinds of noise. That's when things got really uncomfortable for her.

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