chapter five

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Not listening to Storm's obstructions, Mojave has once again prodded Storm awake.

"What?" Hissed Storm moving her neck to stare at him.

Mojave blinked. "What do you want?" He asked helplessly. "I don't want you to be mad."

Storm flicked her tail. "I guess I could figure something out." She shrugged.

"I can give you a power!" Suggested Mojave, his tail up. "Poisonous earring? Charming tailband? How about a mind reading necklace!"

Storm narrowed her eyes. "That sounds cool." She said as he mentioned the necklace. "But mind reading scares me. How about something better." She thought for a moment.

"How about you make me a dream-visitor?" She asked, handing him her sapphire necklace.

Mojave looked quite pleased. "Sounds great!" He chirped. The SandWing took the sapphire necklace in his palm and muttered a few words that Storm couldn't hear.

She didn't even know why she wanted a dreamvisitor, now that she thought about it.

She was handed back the necklace, though it felt the same. "Okay." She Shrugged, slipping it over her neck and exiting the room. "Let's go, Whiteout."

Mojave rolled his eyes. "Not funny, but if you want, I can go as Whiteout."

Storm turned her head. "Are you trying to impress me?" She asked flatly.

Mojave blinked innocently. "Maybe, maybe not. You never know, let's change the subject, shall we?" He said quickly.

Storm laughed quietly. She still wasn't over the whole Animus thing, but she didn't know why. She didn't even understand why she was mad. He had a power, she had to deal with it.

"You don't have to go as her, but I do want to do something to your scales that would make you look less like a porcupine quill."

Mojave blinked in mock offense. "How dare you! A porcupine quill? I'll turn you into a cactus!"

Storm barked in laughter. "Here, you would be much prettier with some black scales along your neck." She brushed her wing along a section of his neck.

"Pretty? I prefer to be handsome." He huffed. "Though, how did you guess the coloring?"

Storm stared at him in confusion. "Guessed?"

Mojave tilted his head. "You haven't figured out my mother? She made it quite obvious in History." He spread out his wings to reveal a circle of black scales.

"Moonwatcher?" She blinked. "Are you a mindreader?" He shook his head.

"No, but my sister Namib is. Don't fret, she doesn't go here." He curled up his wings. "My father is Qibli if you didn't guess."

"That's cool." Shrugged Storm. "You don't look like a hybrid though. I guess that's how I like my dragons." She teased, flicking him with the tip of her wing.

Mojave blinked warmly at her. "And I guess you are how I like my dragons."

Storm stepped away from him. "Ew, nasty." She hissed. "It was a joke, loser."

He stretched his neck to hers. "Of course, I was kidding as well." He shifted uneasily. "Have you seen Inkwriter and Lotus together? They are inseparable."

Storm let out a short laugh. "Yes, I have. Last night Lotus was jabbering in about how he has to have his bugs and loves his bugs and his bugs were the most important thing in the history of the world. Not to forget, he has bugs."

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