~*Chapter 7*~

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Aaron's POV

I looked Adam, shocked. He smirked, lifted up my spear, and walked in, the others giving me smirks, and Shelby stopped for a minute to say a word to us.

"Jess still loves you- I think, that eventually, things will work out. This is just a side of Jess we know, well, we know all of her. You guys just didn't know that part. It's fine, really. You guys should come in with us."

The others waved us in, as Aph and Jason were deep in conversation.

"....did something I never did, just so that people wouldn't find me: I put my hair down." Aph said.

"But Jess," Jason said, "you always had your hair in a french braid, or some hairstyle."

"I know, but when it was down, I realized something. I undid my braid when we got to the house we bought. I realized something, something that filled me with joy, made me scream, jump, and cry from joy. I'd never been happier."

"What is it?"

Jess's POV

"What is it?" Jason asked.

"I-" I choked on a small sob.

"Yes?" Jason asked, genuinely curious, anxious for my answer.

I looked him in the eyes.

"I was free. I was really free Jason. Mom came in, and we danced the night away, ordered pizza, watched Netflix in our pjs, sang, stayed up 'til midnight. We partied. And when I slept, I slept peacefully, knowing that I was going to be going to an actual school. But we pretended my name was Aphmau, and we only waited 'til they gave up looking for me. Mom told me to pretend to be naive, and it worked. Nobody could have guessed. I made friends. I was really happy. The only other time was happy at the castle was alone with you, our family, and the Sky Army. I missed you and the Army a lot."

Jason looked down at me, and Adam walked up behind me, hugging me. Shelby placed her head on my left shoulder, and Barney and Red stood next to her. Jin placed his hand on my right shoulder, and Ross and Max stood next to him.

"But you know what I realized Jason?" I asked.

Jason nodded.

"I was, am, and will always be:

A princess, a friend, a sister, and....

A member of the Sky Army."

Jason grinned his stupid grin, and I laughed. "Get that stupid grin off your face Jason! That grin is the grin of a boy who's got an idea."

"I do have an idea!"

And with that, he picked me up, and placed me in Adam's arms.

"Take her and run all the way to the Do Not Laugh Chamber! It's time we got some fresh giggles out of her!"

My eyes grew wide. "Not the Chamber!"

"Oh yes, the Chamber, it's time to make you laugh!" Adam said, running away, Jason using magic to fly above him, the others running behind. They occasionally made the magical firework, rainbow, shower of sparkles, jumping a foot higher than most should be able to, me laughing all the way.

Aaron's POV

"Not the Chamber!" Aph yelled.

What did they mean, laugh? Are they going to hurt her?

"Lucinda, can you make us invisible, speedy, and quiet?" Katelyn asked, probably as curious as I was.


With that, we were invisible.

"Time to go," I said.


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