Chapter 1

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-Karkat P.O.V-

You wake up to an alarm blaring in your ear and groan in annoyance. Both you and your brother Kankri would sleep in till' six in the afternoon if you could, but Kankri works at this cafe restaurant place you can't be bothered to remember the name of and you have to go to school because 'Education is important, Karkat. Even if we are demons' you can almost perfectly recall your brother telling you that the first day you went to the god forsaken place humans and demons call school. You crawl out of bed, oh god how you miss summer already, sleeping in, usually having the house to yourself since Kankri works day shift, staying inside all day with your novels and movies, not having to worry about hunters, or well, hunter in this case. Ah yes, of course, now that you'll be going to school again, you need to worry about Cronus fucking Ampora, the worst human being ever, he's been on you and brother's tail for so long, he might as well be an old family friend, or enemy, he could be seen as either, and, frankly, you don't care, he's an asshole. You get ready to go back to the nightmare that is school and head out of your room, your greeted by Kankri, who made breakfast for the both you, he hands you a plant of eggs, bacon, toast, and blood, you know, the usual.

"Karkat, did you remember to pack blood in with your human lunch?" You nod and eat your food. You and your brother aren't really aggressive for being demons, well, okay, you both would kill someone if they hurt the other member of your family, who wouldn't do that? Point is, you don't feed off or harm humans unless absolutely necessary, that's mainly why you haven't killed Ampora yet, the lucky motherfucker, if Kankri didn't make those rules for you both to follow, Cronus would be dead, but, you understand where your brother is coming from by making these rules, for his and your survival, if the both of you started killing and feeding off humans, it would make it obvious to anyone with two brain cells that you're demons. Once you finish eating you put the dishes in the sink, grab your bag and head for the door. "Karkat remember-"

"Only go where you need to go, avoid humans and other demons, only feed off someone if you absolutely have to, if you sense any danger leave the area immediately, stay away from Cronus, call or text me if your in trouble, stay away from hunters, don't stay out too late, keep your phone on you at all times, and be careful, I got it. Love you, bye." For the first time in what seems like ages, your outside. You start walking to school, so far, everything's normal, you pass the restaurant your brother works at, sadly, it's closed right now, what a shame, you actually really like the food there, you sense people around you, humans, demons, a few hybrids, some are familiar, while others are completely foreign to you. You head into the school immediately run into someone, you look up and growl a bit, you are not in the mood to deal with this.

"Well hello to you too, names Dave, Dave Strider." Your pretty sure you see him wink underneath his sunglasses, okay, you now officially hate this human. You get off him and kindly tell him to fuck off, he then proceeds to not fuck off, in fact he starts following you like you're his fucking tour guide, he starts making remarks about how cute you are how way through the walk to your homeroom, after a while he just starts clinging to your arm.

"I mean, no homo, but if you were a chick I'd totally hit that." Shut up Strider, people are staring, you hate when people stare at you, shut the hell up Dave. He looks at you and says you're even cute when you're mad, shit you said that out loud. Turns out that the motherfucker cuddling your arm is in your homeroom, fan-fucking-tastic, he seats beside you because of course he fucking does, turns out he's new, you never pay attention to anyone other then the teacher in class so you couldn't care less, Dave starts cuddling you halfway through homeroom, mumbling something about the two of you being bros, there's no way you could actually be brothers, since he's a human and your a demon, this is almost as bazaar as the thing he said about hitting baby chickens, humans are fucking weird. You soon find out he shares every single class with you, because the universe hates you, he cuddles and clings to you for every fucking class, you manage to ditch him when lunch starts, you can't have him watching you drink blood, you get your lunch and head to your regular spot, in the very back of the room, away from everyone else, with lunch and a good romance novel. Of coarse Dave ends up finding you and sitting beside you, you are 100% fucking sure that you're the only person he's talked to since he got to this school, and my fucking god he is clingy as fuck. He thinks the blood is something called 'fruit punch', thank god he's oblivious, you roll your eyes and his attempts at being cool, you think you're starting to warm up to him, which is a disaster waiting to happen, you can't wait to get back to someone you're more comfortable with, which is your brother, you don't have friends. After school Dave ends up following you into the cafe your brother works at, you groan in annoyance and sit down by the counter, Kankri sets some food in front of you then goes over to deal with the other customers, Dave sits beside you, he seems kinda confused and amazed at the same time.

"Whoa Kitkat, did you just get free food? And who was that hottie?" You explain to the idiot that the 'hottie' was your brother and you'll murder him if he tries anything, and no, it's not free, you're going to pay for it, this is just what you normally have here so that's why Kankri just gave it to you, of course, you only called Kankri 'your brother' cause, for all you know, Dave could know Cronus and is only spending time with you to kill you. Speaking of fuckboy Ampora, you should be ready to bail if he comes, maybe hide in the kitchen, the meat locker, you could survive for at least a month in there, and the thought of all the blood in there is starting to make you mouth water, when you snap back to reality you start eating. You can sense all the demons in here, since, this is one of the only places that are demon friendly, of course, if that was public knowledge, there wouldn't be any demons here, cause of fucking hunters, actually, you should probably keep a close eye on Dave, he might be a hunter for all you know, that, or he might just be someone's next meal.

"Kitkat what should I get?" Dave whispers to you.

"Do you have any money?" Dave admits he doesn't 'have any cash on him' god humans are weird. "Then you're not getting anything." He starts whining and you eventually give in and get him an apple pie. He looks at you. "Go on, eat it you little shit." You swear you've never seen someone so happy, and that's counting back when your dad and uncle were alive, stupid fucking Amporas.

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