Shoes ~ Jibbs

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Drabble based of the word 'shoe'

They had been living together for what? Twelve years? And yet it still manages to astound him how many shoes one woman could have. His second wife had had enough shoes to fill a shop but this, this was unreal. If they were to go on one more shopping trip they would have to take his boat out of the basement just for her tons of shoes. He had been through the lecture several times, "stilettos for this dress, trainers for the gym, flip flops for holidays and then flats for at work. Unless it is dinner with SECNAV then it is the 3 inch heels." He had, by now, learnt to give up on the subject. That was until today. When she came downstairs saying the security detail were a man down due to Stanley being ill and so she wanted him to go with her.

He questioned it, of course, but when asked the answer which every man dreaded 'I want to go shopping.'

'Why?' He asked exasperated

'To get more shoes.'


'Jethro' she replied mockingly. 'Please?'

'Fine' as he put down his tools and made his way away from the basement prepared for three hours of agonising hell.

Looking for shoes.

Word count: 203

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