just for tonight.彡

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"Here." Yoongi uncovered Taehyung's eager eyes, smiling softly as he heard the younger gasp in complete fascination.

His honey eyes savored every little sight he saw right before him, the trees, the rippling water, the night sky that glazed above it.

"You wanted something... exhilarating?"

Yoongi tilts his head, crossing over his arms as he stares eye to eye with the other.

The brunette nodded, his eyes sparkling with excitement anticipating, he felt the world slowly shift its weight from his shoulders.

"Take off your shirt."


Taehyung's eyes widen, as his lips part to decline he then remembers, no. He wasn't going to say no to shit. The brunette sternly nods, his hands shaking slightly as he pulled the shirt over his head.

Yoongi seems to be surprised for a moment, his gaze trying not to focus on the boy's honeydew torso and tousled dark hair.

This is for him, not you idiot.

"The pants too."

The male coughed, he realized it was kind of awkward. Watching the other strip alone, so he also, stripped of his clothing and stood with only his boxers in the bare night.

Taehyung gaped, his mouth slightly ajar. Cussing at himself quietly he fumbles with the buttons on his jeans, sighing as he slipped them off his long legs.

Long legs, that Yoongi was trying so hard to refrain from looking at.

"What now?" The brunette sucked in a breath, he seemed to know where this was going as his eyes dipped low to see a river far down.

Yoongi laced both of their hands together, giving a small squeeze of comfort.

"Hey, we'll do this together."

The boy gulped, his palms a little sweaty in the other's comforting grasp. The other male, as if almost sensing his nervousness turns him around, grasps his shoulders.

"Forget about it. Forget about him, just for tonight."

Yoongi's voice speaks clearly through the night, his milky complexion almost glows under the moonlight. He really is beautiful, and obviously, the brunette had awed at his beauty in the past but especially tonight did his eyes glimmer with something even he couldn't decipher, was it maybe love?


The boy blinks, flustered. He nods frivolously, eyes a little scared but determined. This is what he wanted, no time to stall.

"J-Just don't let go." The younger's vice grip on Yoongi's hand made him chuckle, he nodded along with Taehyung, he was oddly calm it was like he had done this before and the other couldn't help but take a step closer to the pale boy, he emitted this sort of comfort.

"On the count of three, we jump okay?" Taehyung let out a mere squeak in response, his breathing wavered for a second before he nodded, his eyes were closed, breathing a little more paced after doing so

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"On the count of three, we jump okay?" Taehyung let out a mere squeak in response, his breathing wavered for a second before he nodded, his eyes were closed, breathing a little more paced after doing so.

"One." Yoongi turned around to look at the boy who was holding his hand so tight, his eyelashes rested and it never really looked so long until then, to say the older male found it so gorgeous would be an understatement.

"Two." The older male still kept his gaze solely on Taehyung, just looking at him diminished all of his fears, the best part was that the younger was completely unaware and that's what made him just that more alluring.

"Three!" Yoongi pulled at Taehyung's hand as they both jumped in, screaming as their hands flailed about amusingly. A solid splash, both males had dunked underwater they could feel nothing but the exhilaration as promised, the cool water consuming their fragile bodies.

Taehyung bobbed his head up, laughing as he palms his face to rid of the droplets of river water that ran down his cheeks, fuck did it feel so good, so different. Though the water was uncomfortably cold, and he was shivering all that he could feel was the utmost thrill.

"Yoongi?" The brunette softly calls out, his euphoria slowly fading as his eyes frantically search for the older male.

Warm arms wrap around the panicked male's waist, he screams as Yoongi emerges from underneath the water, laughing, the asshole was laughing as he leans his chin on the boy's wet shoulder.

"I'm sorry. Hah, cute you were scared?" Taehyung groans under his breath, his face slightly alight with color as he feels Yoongi pull him closer to his chest, the boy's lips right behind his ear.

"I'm sorry Taehyung." Yoongi whispers, the warmth wavering over the younger's earlobe.


The older turns the flustered boy around, his hand cups his cheeks, eyes hooded, soft lips meet his slightly chapped ones, and Taehyung freezes though his lips melt into the kiss.

So what if this wasn't right?

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