chapter four

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Moonwatcher lifted her chin. "Does anyone know what an Animus is?"

Inkwriter lifted his wing, his eyes glazed with excitement. "A dragon who can enchant objects at their will." He stated, proudly blinking.

Moonwatcher nodded to him. "Yes, and today we will be having a very special guest come and demonstrate." She smiled as Anemone came in, her head held high.

"Anemone has a free period, so we thought she could help with our lesson." Stated Moonwatcher, nodding to the SeaWing princess.

Mojave rolled his eyes from next to Storm, and Storm gave him a harsh glare.

"Sorry." He mouthed, turning back to the teacher. Anemone smiled and spread her wings in a stretch.

"Anemone, could you enchant this Apple to land on Mojave's head?" Moonwatcher asked, tilting her head and nodding to the bored SandWing.

"Mojave? Moon- isn't he..." She trailed off. "Yes, Alright then." She muttered something to herself, and the apple darted towards Mojave, who didn't react, and landed atop his sandy head.

Mojave reached up a talon and grabbed the apple, his eyes greatly annoyed. "Can't I demonstrate?" He asked Moonwatcher, his barb gently tapping the ground.

Storm stared in confusion. Demonstrate? She thought. Like... fling an apple at another's head?

Moonwatcher smiled at him. "Not today, Mojave, dear." She said, her eyes stern. "Perhaps tomorrow."

Mojave sulked, his head curved and his ears down. Storm wanted to wrap her wings around him, but held herself back, they weren't friends. They were never going to be friends.

Moonwatcher continued her lesson, clearing her throat she once more addressed the winglet. "You see. That is what everyone thinks an Animus is." She tipped her tail to Anemone.

"An Animus is treated like an object in most tribes. Unless of course, you are a SkyWing. Then of course, you are killed." She glanced sympathetically at Storm, who gave her a quizzical look back.

"An Animi's should not be used selfishly. Have any of you heard of Darkstalker?" Storm saw Anemone shudder at the name.

Everyone but Sphinx and Storm raised their talons. A look of triumph lay heavy on Whirlmist's face, like a smug glaze of fatty wolf that he forgot to clean off his snout.

"What is it?" Hissed Shiver, from where she sat next to him, her eyes glaring. "Why the face?"

Whirlmist smugly shifted his gaze to hers. "Because I know none of you have actually witnessed an evil Animus. I have." He cast a sideways glance at Stump who was sitting innocently with Sphinx.

The SeaWing adjudged the bright yellow necklace around his neck and blocked out Shiver, who hissed at him in frustration.

"Alright then. I won't get into much depth about him now, he is over 2,000 years after the scorching, and we are about 2,000 before the scorching in this class currently." She glanced her pretty eyes around the class.

"Darkstalker was a NightWing-IceWing hybrid, son of Prince Arctic and Foeslayer. He had a sister named Whiteout, and Darkstalker was a thrice-moon born dragon,

Darkstalker has Animus powers, mind-reading, and he could foretell the future. And in this, he found who he was destined to be married to; Clearsight.

Clearsight and Darkstalker grew up together with a SeaWing friend named Fathom, but when Darkstalker used his powers for evil to many times, he lost his soul and they sent him to sleep in a collapsing mountain.

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